Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 26 - Motherhood, there is no dignity!

Ninety-nine days left to go.  Yes I know I look huge, these last three weeks I have nearly doubled :)  We are down to three months here people.  First my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Dr. J's birthday, Christmas, and then hopefully this little bundle of joy will make an appearance!  Oh motherhood, you fill me with joy and yet you have led to so many embarrassing situations. Where is the dignity?  Where is the humanity?  I no longer shower alone.  Potty time usually involves an audience.  My last pap smear was witnessed by all three of my children!   Just this week I found myself covered in multiples of my own bodily fluids.  How is that even still possible!  Apparently a full bladder, throwing up, and a baby in between was just too much to handle.  Dr. J made me a nice sandwich for lunch but apparently it just didn't sit well.  I ran to the bathroom to kneel at the porcelain throne.  With every heave a little bit of pee would sneak out!  That's right, I PEED MY PANTS!!!!!!  So then I had to walk upstairs with vomit speckles all over my shirt and pee on my pants.  Yes I did want to cry!


  1. I don't think you look huge at all! You look great :) I heard squats are good for the pelvic floor...even better than kegels. Gotta love peeing your pants (happened to me the first time this pregnancy, uggggh).

  2. Alas, no dignity at all! Ever since number three, I hate it when I sneeze too hard...

    I think you look great, too, and your kids are getting so grown up! Say Hi to them all for us.

  3. I did that while in labor with Rowan. Thankfully it was at home so I didn't have to embarass myself by asking the nurses to help me clean up.

  4. Kami at this point I'm fairly sure squats would make me pee my pants :)

  5. I'm a mom and still have full bladder control. Just saying.

  6. Crys, I know what you mean :)

    Angi, you're a mom of one that's why :) Nothing happened to me till this third pregnancy...UGGH!! SO maybe the way to avoid it is to have only one or two children, hehe.



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