Thursday, May 5, 2016

The True Spirit of Mother's Day

Mother's Day, a commercialized holiday that we feel the need to take care of so that our mothers don't feel left out.  I mean isn't that seriously the truth?  I'd feel a little guilty about calling it out but Anna Jarvis who pushed for the creation of the holiday actually ended up seriously disappointed with the commercialization of it...and that was before the internet.  My e-mail and Facebook has been getting Proflower, Sherri Berry, 1-800-Flowers, Shutterfly, and Edible Arrangement hits for a month.  Yesterday I finally got my act together and sent flowers to all our mothers.  Mothers I love you.  I hope you know that when you get those flowers but truthfully those flowers were more motivated by feelings of guilt than the fact that I wanted to send flowers on that day.  I want you to have all the flowers in the world, don't get me wrong, I just feel a little bad about sending them out of guilt.  That's not really what motherhood is about.  Motherhood is about sacrifice and love.  There are rewards along the way but they aren't push presents or guilt sent flowers or cards.  It is hugs by arms that can't even fit around you that eventually grow to be arms that totally engulf you.  It is sticky faced kisses.  It is the tears that sneak up on you when you watch your child dance, run, score a goal, get an award at school, or hear from a random adult or kid how impressed they are with them.  It is snuggles on cold days.  It is burned toast breakfast in bed.  It is your daughter sneaking around for a week with her gel pens using her best self taught cursive to make you a book.  It is when your grown daughter calls you up and says, "How do I do this,  I don't know how to do this?"  And yes I guess it is also guilt sent flowers because even though they are sent out of guilt, they are sent out of guilt because I love you and I don't want you to be the only mom on the block not getting anything because you deserve better than that.


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