Monday, January 25, 2010

Sympathy For Delicious - Sundane Festival Rocks!

Back where I come from there is this little thing called the Sundance Festival. Every year Park City Utah is bombarded with Stars showing off their independent films and their so/so ski skills. My sister and her hubby love it. They are film fanatics and the atmosphere can't be beat. For the price of ticket you get to watch the film with the director and the stars. Often times you get to ask questions and met the actors. This year they went and saw Sympathy For Delicious. The film is about a LA DJ who happens to be in a wheelchair. Faith healing leads him to be able to cure the ill but he is not able to heal himself. The film was directed by Mark Ruffalo a favorite of John, my sisters "former" love. Mark Ruffalo was awesome. He stayed to answer everyone's questions and take pictures with all the fans there.

The main actor is Christopher Thornton.

It was going to have James Franco in it. He had to bail out for whatever reason but was there for the showing.
He was replaced by Orlando Bloom...yes this is my sister getting a squeeze from her "new love" Orlando. She said as they were leaving the movie they ran into Orlando Bloom. Her sister-in-law Emily asked if they could get a photo. Orlando said sure, and gave this good smile. Look at the way he is squeezing them. NICE! He also gave them a hug. My sister says, "I should have stole a kiss." Would anyone have blamed her? Seriously I think he looks better in person than he does in the movies. Amazing!
If you are in Utah the Film Festival is awesome. You should check it out. If you aren' is still cool. Vote for Utah. Spend your vacation dollars there. Ski, watch cool movie, maybe get to hug famous people! As for the sister said it was good. It almost made her cry. High praise from the ice queen. The only other time I can remember her saying that was right after she watched me birth my son. She recommends you see it. Emily on the other hand feel asleep. So who knows. I guess I'll just have to check it out to find out the truth.

Running Post - And Why High School PE Was the Worst!

When I was in high school I hated PE. One of the worst parts was the weekly mile. Each Friday our gym teacher would haul us out on the track. For a chubby girl like myself it was torture! I could breathe, it was hot, sweaty, and embarrassing. I would start out with the pack but would become quickly winded and find myself straggling. Then my friends and I would just start walking. Sometime around fifteen minutes we would still be one the track and our teacher would yell at us to bring our lazy ****s in. He also refused to let us play softball with the boys because he said we were wasting his time. Is it really no wonder I used to hate to exercise. In college I met and married my hubby a physical fitness junkie. I decided to start walking and after a year of that thought, hey why not start to run. It was torture. I'd run a minute, walk a minute, run, walk. My side hurt, my lungs burned, and I got shin splints. Pretty soon though I was running five minutes, and then fifteen. It got to the point where I could run thirty minutes, no problem. Then I got pregnant with my third child. I still ran but the runs became torture. Six months in I stumbled at church in a pair of high heels and broke my foot. That was pretty much the end of my running days. Now seven months postpartum I'm feeling the itch again. I talked to my sister this weekend and she told me she's training for a Marathon. She encouraged me to sign up for a race to get myself motivated. "No way," I told her. "If I sign up a 5K and you are running a marathon I'll look like a total douche." But the more I think about it the stronger the itch is getting. On Saturday I went to the gym and thought, "Let's just try a mile." I did it plus .1 but it wasn't pretty. I had a stitch in my side and was breathing pretty heavy, but I made it. It made me think that signing up for a race might just be a good idea. It isn't about winning (I'm built more like a water buffalo than a gazelle) it is about staying motivated to run a little more and a little better. Today I went to the gym and knocked down two miles. Can we just say we are on our way. I don't know what my problem was in high school...but I wish now I could go back and run that mile and then tell my gym teacher that he was the ultimate douche bag! Had he been cool maybe I would have learned to love exercise as a kid. Instead I wasted seven years because he ingrained in my head that exercise equaled humiliation. Seriously I should go home and kick his butt!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Brown Cow Maple Yogurt

It is organic and it is delicious! Be forewarned cream on top equals high fat content (this is whole milk people). Should be considered a dessert...not a diet food :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Organic Cotton Bum Genius w/ Snaps

Something about disposable diapers has always bothered me. I realize that cloth use water and energy but the idea of a disposable that sits on the ground forever, well that just makes me a little sick. I think I can thank those gross people that throw diapers out their car windows in parking lots. I see how those things just sit there and rot for months and months. They don't go anywhere. I imagine it is the same in a landfill somewhere, so with my first daughter I dabbled with cloth diapers. It was definitely far from successful. I got a couple bumpkins and some cushies. I hated them. I was doing elimination communication with my daughter and I felt like between that and the cloth diapers I always had laundry hanging around. So I gave it up. I hauled my cloth diapers to a friend and went back to disposable until we were finally able to cut the diaper cord completely. With daughter number two I decided to try again. This time I bought some good mama diapers from my favorite site They were ok although incredible expensive and I quickly realized I needed an all in one (a diaper that has a water proof outside). With the help of my sister I found my way to the organic cotton bum genius with snaps. Can I just say that I LOVE THIS DIAPER!
Here is why:

1) Organic cotton, hurray for that. The positive on cotton is the fact that it cleans out better then some of the microfibers do. Some of the other bumgenius have been known to get a stinky buildup.
2)Personally for me snaps are also the way to go. The Velcro is convenient, almost like a disposable, but it has a tendency to pile, and also I've found that the Velcro can scratch my daughter's belly.
3) One size so she can wear it now and wear it in six months!
4) Clean up is a cinch. I just take the soiled diapers and make a small pile on my dryer. Then when the washer is free I throw in a days load. I do a cold wash with Charlie's Soap and then wash the load again with hot water and no soap. Then I hang the diapers up to dry on my drying wrap.
5) They are trim for a cloth diaper. I'm not going to say they are as trim as a disposable but they are close.

The negatives are as follows.
1) You do have to wash them so you are using water and electricity. You also have the inconvenience of extra laundry.
2) Some people (my mother and hubby) don't like using them. My husband is still like, "Hallelujah I haven't had to use one." And it is true that you are a little more up close and personal with bodily fluids but that is why they invented soap.
3) I have had a couple of times where the cotton on the inside turns out a bit and they've leaked out that way. The same thing has happened with disposable though so that isn't a quitting point.
4) They can be pricey. They are often listed new for $25 dollars and even used people try to sell them for between 19-20. THEY CAN SAVE YOU MONEY THOUGH! Previously I only used Huggie diapers with my girls. Those were the ones that didn't leak and those things are not cheap. Every time I threw a diaper away I thought well there was 19 cents I just threw out. 19 cents adds up. In a day I'd throw a dollar away. In a month thirty. By the end of the year I was up to 360. The one size diapers can be used through your entire changing experience, and then through another child, although if you really wanted to recoup some money you could take them to diaperswappers and sell them. Plus you can look for sales. I found mine for 19 on global enfant. You can find sales like this all the time by scoping out


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