Thursday, October 19, 2017

14 Months Old

My baby is 14 months old today.  How has the time passed so quickly?  He is a doll child.  My father in law says he is ny davorite.  Personally I think a baby always gets the benefit of the doubt and since the final baby never gets replaced they just enjoy this privilege for much longer.  He is a doll child.  He rarely speaks.  Yes it is stressing me out but he is also much more observant at an earlier age then my other children were.  He loves music.  If he is ever sad we quickly have Alexa play one of his favorites and next thing you know he is dancing.  He started really walking this month and it has become his preferred method of travel when he isn't dancing.  He likes using a fork and spoon to eat.  He is always figuring out how to pull one shoulder out of his carseat, much to his siblings and my chagrin.  He loves the bathtub and shower.  He is an animal lover.  He likes to pet our goats and today i saw him feed a puppy part of his hamburger bun and then take a bite when the dog ran off.  It was disgustingly adorable.   


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