Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip To the Zoo

The last full day of our trip to Utah we managed to sneak in a trip to the zoo with my family!  So much fun and I'm so glad my sisters could come as well.  

 I think my sisters are some of the most beautiful woman on the planet.  Are my kids lucky to have such good looking aunts!

 My kids and their nana!
 Uncle David loves the babies.  He'll make a great dad someday.  

 Cutest baby ever :)
 Nana got new iphones for Christmas.  They definitely kept the kids entertained.  At one point we had David, Daniel, and my mom's iphones all being used by my three oldest.  What can I say, my kids love technology!

 Hanging out with my Aunt Jo.

Grandma Ruth

It has been a rough year to be one of our grandparents.  Last year we lost my Grandpa John, and Grandma Marvel.  Dr. J lost his Grandpa Tom and Grandma Deb's father passed away.  The hard thing about getting older is that even as your life becomes more full with the addition of your own children, your parents and grandparents are aging along with you and some of them start to return to Father in Heaven.  While I have a strong belief in a afterlife and a knowledge that I will see my family again it is hard to lose them in this life or watch their health start to decline.  Dr. J and I have both been blessed to have wonderful grandparents who benefited our lives for good.  For everyday they are still with us that they are able to influence our children for good we are so grateful.  Which is why we were so thankful that even though Grandma Ruth couldn't make it to Cheetah's blessing we were able to visit her.  Luckily for us she's feeling better now, because just in case you missed it, WE LOVE OUR GRANDMAS!

A Name and a Blessing

Remember that trip we took back in March, well there was a point to that crazy rushed week and the main point was blessing out baby with our friends and family.  In a lot of ways I don't feel like we were able to enjoy Cheetah's birth in the way were able to enjoy the birth of our other children so we wanted to make sure that this first major event in her life was done right.  We got permission to have her blessed in the ward Dr. J grew up in, his grandparents ward and then we invited all of our Utah family and friends.  Grandma Tolman bought her dress just like all the other girls and I got her an adorable headband and the cutest little pink cheetah prints shoes I've ever seen.  
Daddy gave her the blessing, and here it is:

Dear Heavenly Father, we gather as a group of Melchizedek Priesthood holders to give this child a name and a blessing.  The Name by which she shall be known on the records of the church is ...(If you still don't know it and want to e-mail me).  With this name we give her a blessing.  We bless her with health, energy and with vitality.  We bless her with a love of music.  We bless her with intelligence.  We bless her with faith and with a love of the scriptures.  We bless her that she will have a desire to serve in thy kingdom to bless the lives of others.  That she will have a desire to come unto thee, to bring others unto thee as well.  We ask for these blessings in addition to any other blessing thou wishes to bestow on her, in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.  

I'm so grateful for the outpouring of family and friends who came to join us in the event.  My only regret, most of them didn't join the circle.  I asked Dr. J if he was going to invite people and he said, "They are invited to blessing, they'll know."  Turns out most of them didn't.  I lay this at the feet of my husband who just isn't a planner, but we are still glad for everyone who came!

Be prepared for picture overload.  Can't help it...isn't everyday your baby meets her whole family.  

Cheetah and grandpa Bob.  I expect she will adore him...all my other girls do!

Momma and baby!  Love my little girl!

 My cousin Peggy.  

 Baby Girl and Her Daddy

 We had a lunceon planned for after, but for whatever reason I didn't think to take this picture until half the group had already left.  Sorry Cheetah here is only half your family who loves you....


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just when I thought I was taking up too much space...

Ever wondered how you fit into the grand scheme of things?

Very cool!

 (via Jeff S.)

Infiniti JX

I'm a little bit in love with this car...although no worries, I haven't lost my mind or anything.  I know I will NEVER OWN IT :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Escalante Camping Trip

 Do you ever feel like time is racing by.  When I hit 21 I think my mental age just froze, but meanwhile life is moving by at a clip so fast I can barely keep up.  I bought the kids a weeks worth of jeans in the fall.  With Spring here I looked at my daughter and realized her pants were about 5 inches too short.  How did this happen?  The kids are growing so quickly.  Gigi with her long legs, maybe faster than some.
 We were out in Utah last month to bless Cheetah.  The first few days of our week were spent on a camp out.  Peach was excited to go and if we look like homeless in these pictures please know it was intentionally.  We were going to be in red sand territory and Dr. J said, "Bring stuff you hate."  So that's what we did :)
 We stopped at this random little burger place on the way down.  The sign above gave us a good laugh, mainly because it's about as informative as the sex ed Dr. J got as teenager.

 This particular spot was gorgeous.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  Coming over the mountain you could see so many different types of habitats, I about died flipping my head back and forth.  Lucky they had built an overlook or I think I would have caused an accident.

 In ten years of marriage this was my first time camping with my husband.  Pathetic I know, but the truth is we've just been really busy and really broke the last ten years.  We finally have a little money and while Dr. J's vacation time is still almost non-existent the man just decided he had to fit some things in or go nuts.  So we went camping for the first time as a couple and it was the first time the girls had gone as well.  Captain E's gotten to go on a couple of father son trips, but usually dad drags him home at ten in the morning so he can study so this was a major treat for him as well.  We spent a significant amount of time four wheeling trying to get to a place Dr. J's grandparents had camped at before but the roads since last year had washed out, so Wid found another spot next to a nice little rock face.  Tents were set up, a fire was started, and a potty tent was set up that most of the kids completely ignored.  


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