Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mom of Four

Monday we had a very scheduled day and I needed to be able to travel from the gym to Costco but when I got to child watch to pick up the kids one of the child watchers was walking out the door looking for me.  "Hey I was just going to get you, Peach peed her pants on the playground and we couldn't find anything bigger than a size 12 months in our stock."  Argh, I hate when this happen.  More than I care to admit I have a kid who is playing so hard and having so much fun that they just "forget" to go to the bathroom until it is too late.  You think this would make it so I'd always have extra pants on me or something but it doesn't happen so often that it makes it worth the aggravation of carrying on extra outfit for each of my four children so of course I had nothing for Cheetah to change into.  I was feeling a little annoyed about the whole thing because we had a schedule and driving home first was going to really put a kink in it.  Then I remember we were going to pass right passed a kid consignment store.  I made Peach sit on a diaper until we got to the store.  Then I ran in and grabbed her skirt with shorts for 1.50.  One change in the car later and we were back on our way.

At Cosco we went spending crazy.  Does this ever happen to anyone else, one full cart an hour later you are $300 poorer...and you still have to go to another store to get all the little bits you didn't get at Costco.  I swear this is why I only go there every two months.  We also ate lunch there.  Hello Costco pizza.  With four kids now though it has gotten cheaper to just buy the whole pizza rather then buy by the slice.  Still feeding five people for under ten dollars, can't beat that.  While we were eating lunch an older couple came up to us.  "Wow, you've got your hands full.  Although I have to say these are some mighty well behaved kids you got here.  What did you do to them?"  "Well," I said, "that is because they are refueling.  If you stick around a few more minutes you'll see them at full capacity."  "They are adorable, God bless you."  Growing up in a family of six, being married to someone who is one of five, spending lots of time with Mormons who have four or want more than four, four kids just doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me, but when people see us together it must be sort of a shock because it seems like I can't run a single errand with the whole family without having someone mention the kids :)  Then on the way home guess who had to pee AGAIN!  Peach was banging her head, wiggling around, bouncing in her seat.  "Mom I have to go to the bathroom, NOW!"  Of course we are going 65 mph on the freeway at this moment.  Finally we reach a turn off but there is no way we are making it home or to a restroom.  I pulled the car over, put on the hazards and Peach jumped from the car.  I held her up while she peed on the side of the road.  Welcome to being a mom of four.  It isn't all pee though.  Look at this cute picture Peach drew for me.  "Mom, I drew this picture of me and you in front of the house.  This is our house.  These are our windows.  This is our tree.  This is a bright sun and grass because it is a happy day.  This is me with the straight hair.  This is you with the curly hair.  This is a heart because we love each other."  I love stuff like this!


  1. So sweet. I love your curls. :)

    I am one of four, too, but we are more spread out in age than yours so I don't remember comments to my parents like you hear.



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