Friday, February 19, 2010

Get some cheap Bumgenius or Regular Diapers using

So my friend made me do this for her but anyone else looking to buy diapers this is a great deal.

If you are a new costumer at they will give you 10 off 49. If you spend 49 they will also give you free shipping. Along with that deal they will give you a free issues of Parenting Magazine. Let's say you don't want an issue to Parenting...well then you can click here, send this form in and get a refund of 14.97. My friend Susan did this and then made all her friends do it for her as well. She wanted to stock up on bumgenius 3.0 diapers. Here is how it worked. The diapers cost 17.95 a piece. Three cost 53.85. In order to get the ten dollars to count you have to call or e-mail in, some glitch in their system doesn't register the bumgenius diapers as diapers. If you call in with a referral code or email them they will take it off. Use CESL8294 and get your money off and I get something in my account. So 53.85-10 = 43.85. Send in for the rebate instead of the magazine and you end up with 43.85-14.97 = 28.88/3= 9.62 a diaper. For a cloth diaper that is a GREAT DEAL! Make your family buy more for you doing the same deal, use your own referral code and build up a little stock for yourself. Amazing.

Or if you think cloth is so gross and would never do it try this instead.
5 packages of Huggies supreme at 9.99 a pack = 49.95. Free shipping because you are over 49. Subtract the new member discount using my referral code
CESL8294 (or someone in your family). 49.95-10=39.95. Go here and send the parenting magazine thing in for rebate. 39.95-14.97 = 24.98. That is under five dollars a pack for diapers. Then make your mom and mother-in-law do it for you using your referral code and build up cash or points in your own account. Then if you have any manufactures coupons you can send them in here
P.O. Box 1564
Montclair, NJ 07042

and they will credit your account! This is a stinking good deal. If you've never ordered with them I think it is worth it to at least try it out!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I just couldn't decide what to give my honey, and then it hit about some FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY! So for Valentine's Day I gave my husband this. I paid off our car, paid off the rent for the summer (we don't get paid in the summer so we try to make sure everything is paid off until our next paycheck in September), paid our tithe to our church, added four thousand dollars into our Emergency Fund, and used Google templates to set out a budget. I gave him a card with the receipts. The man got a tear. Seriously it was the best gift a girl could give!

30 Days Organic

Organic taste exactly the same as the organic milk. What is that weird flavor?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Range Chickens and Their Eggs

Organic, free range chickens and the eggs they lay that I steal. That is todays post. Free Range, vegetarian feed eggs are easy to get. They run about 3.30 a dozen. My favorite grocery carries their own brand as well as Egglands best. They come in a nifty little plastic carton which is recyclable (although so is the cardboard one so I don't this is a selling point). They are brown. Which my kids love. I'm pretty sure that is just a fact on what type of chicken they are, but it makes them look more "organic", lol. They taste the same. I've heard people say, "They taste so much better." I haven't noticed that, but they don't taste worse so that is good. I've heard the nutritional value is better. Hubby and I used to wonder how this was possible but then we started thinking about timetable. Typical chickens are forced to sit in tight cages completely indoors with lights that make their days and nights shorter, allowing them to produce more eggs per year. That has got to take it out of your body. It just isn't healthy to defy the natural laws of egg laying :) I get a kick out of the "vegetarian feed". You might be asking yourself well what else could they be eating...well a lot to be truthful. When we lived next door to this old lady, in exchange for eggs and a brake on our rent we took care of her chickens and kept on eye on her. Those birds were nuts. If a chicken or chick died and you didn't get it out of their area they would peck it all up. I guess they were eating it. Still grosses me out today to think about it. Someday I would like to have my own chickens and eat their eggs...I guess that whole chicken thing made an impact, but until then these little brown babies aren't bad!

30 Days Organic

Organic milk. Why do you taste weird? I've bought organic milk this week, it was the Meijer store brand. Something about it seems weird. Like there is an after taste. The kids don't seem to mind. Hubby on the other hand hates it. Do all organic milks taste weird? I'm going to have to try a couple more before I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 Day Organic

Watch Food Inc. That movie is incredible. It will change the way you feel about what you put in your mouth. I realize why we look for the cheapest food, it is because it is such a big part of our budget, but it is so personal, so intimate. Don't we deserve to put good things in our body. I'd read Fast Food Nation, but this made me feel like it was time to become much more critical about what I ate. 1) For health. The way we farm/eat today takes away good things from our food and replaces them with bad. 2) For moral reasons. The way companies treat workers, farmers, animals, and consumers, just to cut prices low, well it just isn't right. So I've started a little journey in food. A lot more organic, a lot less processed. Let's see how it goes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Products I Love - Mountain Buggy

I have a confession to make: I Glenda the God, have an expensive stroller. More than one time this point has gotten me mocked by friends. I've read parenting magazines and blogs that do the same. They say it is for trend value or because people just have money to blow. I used to agree with them...that is before I tried my friend Catrin's stroller. She's from Sweden and has three kids. Before this year they'd never had a car. Instead she relied on her Mountain Buggy to get her kids around. One time last fall we had taken our kids to the playground. I was struggling along with my sit-n-stand, carrying a baby in a sling. She was cool and calm with her Mountain Buggy. At one point she said, "Let's trade," to give me a break from the extra load. To say it was an epiphany would not be an understatement. Over sidwalk, asphalt, rocks, and grass her stroller road like a charm, in fact I was able to push with one hand. Turning was amazing. The thing even fit through doors. I came home and knew I had to have one. Then I saw the price. Wow! So I started combing craigslist and ebay. Finally I found one I liked for $250. Used it still cost more than any stroller I'd ever bought. It is worth it though. When we go for long walks in the park I walk with ease. The mall is a cinch. I can even use the thing as a jogging stroller. It is a big and bulky but if you want something that is comfortable to use, it is worth it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts

This will be my eighth Valentine's Day with my hubby. I still have no idea what I'll get him. Last year I scored a coup I can't possibly beat. Two words: Crotchless Panties. I tell you the man nearly died on the spot. What could be more useless than a crotchless pantie? Isn't the whole point the crotch? I guess function isn't the point. Or should I say a different function is the point. Seven years, three kids, you wouldn't have known it. This year no ideas. Electronics? Clothing? Man Jewelry? How about I just clean up his desk area. He meanwhile is probably thinking she never tells me what to get her. Husbands let me tell you, you are wrong! We always tell you. At Christmas when you asked if we have diamond earnings and we say no, that was a promise you made. It is time to cash in. When we mention our shoulder's hurt we are really saying, "Please honey, send me to a message therapist." When we say we are having trouble keeping up with the house we are really saying, "Take some time and clean it for me." When we mention our out of control eyebrows we are saying take me to the Salon. When we say our car is dirty we are asking you to wash it. Open you ears. We are telling you exactly what we want.

Doctor Next Door

Hubby pulled glass out of the neighbors heel tonight. One of the perks of living next door to a doctor, free medical services. We've had friends come over to have their kids ears looked at, or their lungs listened to. This was the first "procedure" he's done at home. I can only assume it won't be the last.


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