Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mole-Wife MD

We were at a indoor BBQ a couple of weeks ago for some friends who had left but were visiting.  There were a bunch of people there including some other friends from another ward.  We were in the hallway shooting the breeze with one of these couples when my husband says, "Sister so and so, this might seem a little awkward, but have you ever had that mole looked at?"  It was kind of an embarrassing moment for her and also oddly enough embarrassing for me.  Here we are having a nice little dinner and my hubby is checking out people's moles.  I teased him probably ten times about this since it happened.  Monday we were at a triward 5th of July BBQ.  As we were driving up we saw this same woman walking up with her husband.  When she saw us she started booking over our direction.  It turns out that mole was cancerous.  After Dr. J brought it up she went to the dermatologist.  They had to remove the mole and do testing to make sure the cancer hadn't spread.  This sweet sister told my hubby, "Had you not said anything, I probably would have waited to have it checked until it was to late."   Amazing...and that folks is how an embarrassing moment became something to make me proud.  I'm really grateful she came and told us that.  I know she didn't have to, but hearing it made my husband feel good.  So what should you look for if you have a mole you are worried about...ABCDE!

Asymmetry-are the sides equal?
Border-is border irregular?  Notched?  Does it have a scallop or is it indistinct?
Color-is there variation in the color?  Is there differences in the shade?
Diameter-is the mole larger than a pencil eraser head?
Elevation-is it raised from the skin?

These are all warning signals.  Moles that are changing a lot...not good news.  If you are suspicious of a mole point it out to your physician!


  1. That is really cool.

    It reminds me that I have a mole that I really need to get checked out. It's on my face. In High School, the dermatologist said it should be fine but I have noticed that it's getting irregular edges and there is a small darker spot now. OH great. To the doctor I go! Hopefully it's fine.

  2. I have a mole on the bottom of m foot thats a triangle shape its really weird looking but I've had it since I was little. Since its not raised from the skin its prob normal?

  3. "E" actually stands for "evolution". Is the mole changing? Lots of moles are elevated and are not a problem at all.

  4. Oh, and the problem with moles is generally not growing up, but growing down. Of course you can't check that.



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