Thursday, July 29, 2010

One man's happiness is another woman's sorrow....

Away Rotations Part of Students Medical Experience-Most Often
-Happen in 4th year.
-Are most often organize through a central service ERAS.  ERAS charges 15 dollars a school.  Some schools have secondary fees.
-A good way for students to visit institutions they are interested in and get feedback from people outside their own medical school.
-1-3 rotations are the norm.

On a personal note Dr. J decided he could fit in 2.  He got news yesterday that his second, first choice hospital had accepted him.  SO in the very near future my hubby will be leaving for nine weeks.  He will do a month at the University of Utah Hospital in the ICU.  He will then have one weekend to get himself to Oregon Health Sciences Hospital where he will do a four week stint in their Emergency Room.

-A good way to see if he is still interested in these institutions.
-Time to get in good with the faculty and get more diverse letters of recommendation.
-Time to see our families.
-During this time he can set up interviews at his west coast residency choices.  The interviewing process for Medical Residencies is paid for by the student and interviewing while he is there or flying out from these closer cities will save us a few bucks in an OVERLY EXPENSIVE PROCESS!  Think this doesn't effect you.  Think again.  Next time you feel like complaining about a medical bill take into effect some doctor had to borrow money twenty years before to interview and is still paying it off with interest.

-Will be away from his family for nine weeks.  Yes he is already gone a lot but usually the kids at least get to see him around bedtime at least every third day.
-There will be no trade off, no babysitter, no regular adult conversations, no "mommy/daddy" time for nine weeks.
-I will be going to parent teacher conference alone.
-I will be doing Halloween alone for the second time in two years.  I'm seriously contemplating ditching the trunk or treat.  Public family time can sometimes be overwhelming.
-I will be having my birthday alone for the second time in two years...did I mention it was my 30th birthday.  Yes I am definitely bitter :)


  1. Oh Crystal, things can be so bitter and sweet sometimes! I wish there were a way to bypass the going-it-alone. I know I'm not around for a lot longer, but wanna hang out? I'm definitely missing girl talk (or at least adult talk).

  2. Oh sad. I hope it works out ok. OHSU is nice, at least :).

  3. Oh wow! Definitely not the best birthday gift you could have and yet also the best family gift considering it may up the chances that he will get to come here.... Nana is doing the happy dance!!!



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