Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Want...

"I want an apple," Captain E says. "No problemo," I tell him.  "I know I've been buying a lot of peaches and nectarines lately.  I'll just pick up some apples next time I'm at the store."  "Not that kind of apples.  I want an apple like nana has.  It is so fun.  Way more fun than our computer."  A light goes off on in my head.  He means my mother's macbook that he spent time video himself on, taking funky pictures, or playing cafe world which I refuse to put on my facebook.  "Oh," I say, "Um that type of apple is really expensive."  "Well then I'll give you half my piggy bank money to buy it," Captain E says.  I tell my mother about this lovely interaction and she is in shock.  "How does he know it is an apple?" she asks.  When it comes to brand recognition...Apple is one of the best in the business!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hehe! So sorry sweetie! I never thought entertaining Captain E would transfer into the rest of your everyday life!



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