Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Products I Love

I have the worst skin.  Every little scratch becomes something permanent.  Scar city.  I recently cut a huge chunk off my leg with a bad razor.  Blood was going every.  I looked down and realized I was going to have a huge scar and there was no way a little band aid was going to work .  Then I realized I had these pads in my closet. You pull one out, warm it up in your hand and place it over the wound.  It acts like a second skin.  It was amazing.  I did have to replace it once because there was a lot of blood built up under the first one.  I pulled it off, wiped it off, and put a new one on.  I got no scab.  I had no blood leakage.  I didn't get any of that nasty sticky stuff around my bandage.  Two weeks later I barely have a scar at all.  I will definitely be buying these again.  Interestingly enough the surgeon Dr. J is working with uses a similar product all the time on office procedures.  No more regular band aids for me.   

I found these blankets at target this week.  4 aden and anais for under 30 dollars.  These muslin blankets are the best baby blankets I've ever seen.  They are perfect for swaddling.  They are perfect for covering baby.  They are light, cute, and humongous.  You can buy them online for almost 50 dollars.  Target has them for a much better price.  I know I don't have a new baby but I couldn't resist.  I swaddled Peach in her nap yesterday and she slept so much better then she usually does.  They are also great for playing ghost!

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