Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2017 Family Pics

 Family pictures.  I've been holding on to these for over a month because I didn't want to ruin the surprise of my Christmas card.  I'd never thought about it really, but last year my brother made a very pointed comment about how difficult it is to get excited about a Christmas card with pictures he'd seen splashed all over Facebook and Instagram.  I thought he was being totally annoying.  I love Christmas cards, even if they are pictures I've seen a million times before but I took it to heart so I've saved these ones.  I did post one of the kid's ones on Instagram so my father in law knew I had them and begged me to send him one.  I finally did so now Mr. Squish will finally be on the grandkids wall.  He is only 15 months old.  It isn't my in-laws fault though.  Last years pictures were such a fiasco that I still get mad talking about so they didn't get much play. 

This years pictures I'm much more pleased with.  I benefited from last years lessons.  I had two outfits for each kid to choose from (four for Gigi).  So they all picked what they wanted.  The negative on that is all my older kids picked blue shirts and there was less pink and teal then I'd intended but at least everyone was happy.  I'm very pleased with all the shots.  Excuse me my motherhood but my children are beautiful.  The only bum deal, I don't love the photographer. This was my second time doing photos with her.  She took some of a cake smash for Mr. Squish and she just never does a good job of putting me at ease.  I miss Jessica.  It is nice when you love the person taking your picture.  Then you can one have fun, and two when things go to pot, like they always do when you are taking pics you know they will understand, and you trusted them to squeak out amazing.  Thanks a lot Jess for giving me such high expectations :)  I miss you!


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