Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you been missing me?

I am definitely behind.  We had a mystery ER trip and a black eye, a visit from my sister's family, a new vacuum, major car repairs, a great visit with the developmental pediatrician, and some bizarrely warm weather that have me in fear of a tornado.  Dr. J is working three weeks of night shifts until we have a week in Utah where we are going to bless our little babe.  I officially started a diet today.  The weight just keeps going up.  So much for losing the baby weight.  Does this picture tie you over for a bit?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hunger Games Trailer with Voice Over

So funny!  IBH...inappropriate but hilarious.  Isn't it always that way.  This is no way means I don't want to see this movie...I just laughed so hard watching this my ribs still hurt.  Thanks Scott.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Brother

This is my baby brother who came out to help with the kids this winter while Cheetah was in the hospital.  Isn't he a cutie :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Favorite Swaddler, Favorite Jeans

I love Aden + Anais blankets. I found these blankets when Peach was just a small fry.  Now with Cheetah we've acquired four more.  If you love to swaddle they are the perfect blanket.  Large enough to fold in half with ample room on each wing, they keep baby wrapped up tight.  In the summer their light airy, feel makes them the perfect choice.  Swaddle baby up without getting to sweaty.  In the winter we double swaddle for that cozier feel, just like in the hospital.  The come in all kinds of adorable patterns and the muslin just looks beautiful. I use them to swaddle, as nursing and car seat covers, they are the perfect blanket to put between my daughter and her winter car seat cover, and this lovebirds blankets was absolutely gorgeous in our family pics.  You can order them online from their site or you can find them ten dollars cheaper at Target. Love them!!!!

My other favorite this week...American Eagle original boot-cut jeans with stretch.  I'm not going to lie, the baby weight is just not coming off.  I'm going to blame my lack of self control, stress eating, and the long recovery time from the c-section.  Three postpartum months in maternity jeans though was starting to really wear me down.  Thanks a lot Oprah for telling me to throw out all my fat jeans.  I didn't really want the expense of buying new pants but I just couldn't tolerate having nothing to wear any longer.  I put the call out and my friend Jamie told me to check out American Eagle.  The jeans run a little big so I can enjoy being in my "normal" size.  I love the Indigo Original boot-cut stretch.  The stretch makes them comfy enough on my scar tissue but the jeans are substantial enough not to show underwear lines and to give me a little extra support.  Plus right now all the jeans in the store and online are $10 off.  After spending hours looking at 70+ dollar jeans it was a welcome relief.  Worth checking out if you ask me.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Growing Up

Valentine's brings up all types of icky, lovey emotions :)  My friend was mentioning her daughter had brought up boyfriends and so I decided to ask my kids about their own experiences circling the drain of young love.  First Gigi.  Gigi what do you know about boyfriends?  "They are friends that are boys."  So do kids in your class have boyfriends/girlfriends?  "Yes we are suppose to be friends with everyone."  Alright, I'm cool with that.  So then I moved on to Captain E.  "Do you know Dad is my boyfriend.  "Yes of course, you wouldn't marry someone who wasn't?"  "So with Valentine's Day coming up are there any people who are boyfriend and girlfriend?"  "Yes, Ivan made a special valentine for his girlfriend."  "That is so silly.  What is the point of having a girlfriend if you don't have a drivers license to take them on a date?"  "Mom, we are so much more complex then you think we are."  And there you have children are beyond my understanding.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome to the Real World?

My husband had an easy rotation last month, an ambulatory month they call it, where they go from clinic to clinic filling in here and there seeing if they want to possibly do a fellowship in any of the specialties.  It felt like he was home all the time.  He went to enter his hours yesterday and it turns out he was working about 50 hours a week.  That's right folks, 50 hour weeks feel like a vacation :)

He's now moved on to pediatric hem-onc.  He is working both day and night shifts and he gets one day off a week.  Today is that day.  He slept in until 7:30 and then after taking Captain E to school headed off to work.  Turns out he's a little behind on his dictation.  As he was getting ready to walk out the door I said, "You do realize you are working on your one day off this week."  And he said, "Welcome to the real world?"  Haha doctor husband, what is this "real world" you speak of.  The stay at home real world where even a vacation is your job?  Yes there is job security in medicine, but there is also a whole lot of work to be done!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preemie Life - Three Months Old, One Month Adjusted

I bought these adorable little stickers to mark the months...I then promptly lost them.  Go momma!!!!  Three months old now and Cheetah weighs 9lbs 14.5 ounces.  Over three times her birth weight!!!!  We weaned her off the NG tube without the doctor and she is eating and gaining like a champ.  Her little cheeks are all chumps.  She spends most of her days watching her siblings.  The three places she likes to sleep, the swing, mom's arms, and occasionally her bed :)  Don't worry though, mom is getting plenty of sleep.  We watch Battle Star Galatica with our final nurse of the night at eleven.  I put her in her bed and she sleeps until sometime between three and four.  She comes in bed with mama and we nurse again and then she sleeps like the undead at noon snug between her mama and papa until seven.  Seems to be working out pretty good.  She's started smiling at everything and she loves having her back fat tickled :)  Her latch is a little sloppy and she gets a lot of air, she doesn't seem to mind but she is the most gassy baby I've ever had.  Even with lots of burping her she still is a supper toot resulting in the coining of some new words.

Boot = a simultaneous burp and toot
Snoot = simultaneous sneeze and toot
Coot = simultaneous cough and toot

In a family where body humor is very much appreciated she is the little gift that keeps on giving :)  We are so happy to have her home and flourishing.  I mentioned to Dr. J this week I can't remember the last time I felt like I needed to cry.  The whole time we were going through the Preemie drama I was a constant mess of tears.  Everyone kept telling me I should talk with someone about it because they were worried it was postpartum.  I keep telling them it was situational depression brought on by a totally lame situation and as soon as I had my baby back I would be fine.  Turns out I was right :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girls Have the Best Clothes

 We do a lot of braids in this house.  Gigi didn't want the side braid until she realized mom had the same one.  The thing I love about having hair and cute clothes.  I love little girls clothes.  
 Cute outfit from Grandpa Bryant.
 Got to love the bear buns.  I'm sad we've outgrown this outfit.

 Oh look Cheetah print.  There was a lot of cheetah print at Carter's this year.  I should have picked up some bigger sizes while I could.

 Look at Cheetah next to her preemie outfit.  Can't believe she was that small just a few weeks go.

 Peach says, "Take my picture."

Preemie Life - Week 3 Home

 We keep commenting on how much smaller Cheetah's feet and hands are in comparison to her siblings.  I started thinking maybe I was imagining it, but all I had to do was pull out Captain E's book and we can see her feet really are much smaller.   
 It seems like my bed is the backdrop of all her pictures.  What can I say, it is my favorite place.

 Gigi is loving the responsibility of a new baby the most.  She loves changing diapers, helping with feedings, and is constantly trying to get away with carrying Cheetah off.

Originally we bought a scale to help get rid of home care.  It's been fun to have and we we transitioned Cheetah off of NG feeds to PO feeds it was a necessity.  Love that little fist by he cheek and the chubby little legs.


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