Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Power of No

I've been very protective of my time lately.  As my kids get older I find that rather then having more of it, I seem to have less.  Sunday this came to a head when our hometeacher asked at church if he could come over at 4:30.  I said yes but in the back of my head was thinking this was not going to work well.  My kids had been invited to a neighbor party until five and our house was a disaster.  We got home from church and my middle kids headed over to the party. Meanwhile at home I was trying to get my older kids and husband to frantically help me clean while also stressing that I wasn't getting Sam over to the party.  And then I just said, "Stop."  I texted my hometeacher and told him we were busy at a neighbor party and couldn't meet.  My older kids relaxed.  My husband took a nap.  I headed over to the party with Sam.  The house never got clean but the day was stress free and enjoyable and it was totally worth it.  No spiritual message would have been worth the stress I was putting on my family.  Sometimes no is the right answer.


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