Thursday, January 5, 2017


I have negative feelings about our soon to be president and if you are excited about him feel free to call me up and we can argue about it ad nauseum, so honestly what is the point.  Personally I think there is a 50% chance he will end up being impeached.  I see you Mike Pence just bidding your time quietly.  I do have three things to say though.  One, get your kids into coding and robots.  I don't care what the president has half the country convinced of, automation is the future and nothing is going to stop it.  So make sure sure you and your kids are ready for it.  Don't believe me, just look at how that "triumphant" Carrier Deal went down.  Two, "fake news" is not news you don't agree with.  Fake news is actually just straight up fake news.  News is suppose to be a presentation of facts. We've seen a blurring of this as we've gone more to online news presentations and blogs to receive our news.  The most innocent presentation of this is opinion pieces read as news.  Newspapers have always had opinion pieces but now they can be found on the same page as the actual news as opposed to in their own section where they are in a paper form of a newspaper.  They are usually marked as an opinion piece but I don't think people take the time to think about the fact that if you can hear the authors voice it is opinion  and should be read with a grain of salt.  The worst are stories that are just plain made up.  Because of twitter and facebook these stories can get a lot of traction.  Just because a piece says what you believe to be true, doesn't mean it is.  Check sources.  And Third, the point of this entire blog is Hamilton is so far from being "overrated" it is not funny.  You have to seriously question the judgement of anyone who who say that...sure that is just my opinion but if you want to take it as fact I'm okay with that ;)

I've been obsessed with Hamilton since last spring.  Some of my friends kept talking about it.  Andrew, Nancy and Bridget and I'm talking about you.  Good grief it got so annoying.  Why does everything have to be Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton.  They were constantly making Hamilton references, posting videos, or talking about how their kids were obsessed.  I've loved musical theater since I was a kid.  I think I watched Gigi 100 times the year I was 9.  It wasn't appropriate. I asked my mom why she let me watch it.  She told me I loved all things musical and she couldn't stop me.  So it isn't surprising I caved and finally put Hamilton on my Pandora.  The first song that came up dropped an F bomb.  I turned it off real quick because the kids were running around.  Andrew told me there was edited version.  I was like, great but I still just didn't get it.  Then I sat down and listened to the song Burn.  IT WAS GORGEOUS!  Seriously it was the female songs that lead me into this musical.  After Burn I listened to Helpless which lead me to my first Hamilton Facebook reference.  Then I listened to Satisfied and It's Quiet Uptown, That Would Be Enough, and Take a Break.  After I became obsessed with those songs I bought the edited CD's.  I started listening to the music while I did my lawn chores.  I fell in love with Leslie Odom's voice next.  "Talk Less, Smile More."  Aaron Burr, Sir, Wait for It, Washington on Your Side, Your Obedient Servant, The World Was Wide Enough...oh his voice is so good.  "I hear wailing in the streets, somebody tells me you'd better hide. I see Angelica and Eliza were both at his side when he died.  Death doesn't discriminate..."  Guys this musical is so good.  I often wake up with the words of one song or another going through my head, "I'm not throwing away my shot..."  I wonder what used to be in my head before Hamilton.  I must dream Hamilton.  I wish I could have seen it in New York before the original cast left but since I couldn't I'm extremely excited that my mother in law promised to get me tickets for when it comes to Utah.  It seriously will make my year.  If you like musicals, or music, or history it is definitely worth checking out.  You can listen hear for free or buy the cleaner version here. It takes a little bit of creative license but you can read all about Hamilton here if you want to know what was changed.    


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