Friday, November 1, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Can you call this a Mormon tradition?  Well we certain seem to favor it.  This year though rather then meeting at the church we met at a ward member's house who happens to have a lot of property right next to a grave yard.  A huge bonfire was built and rather then a chili cook off we had a weenie roast, marshmallows, and plenty of sides (which in my opinion was the best part of dinner).   Games for the kids were held, pictures taken, and then the kids walked a row of cars parked on the property.  Being outside surrounded by big trees that looked black in the fading light definitely added to the spoke factor.  Seriously it was my favorite trunk or treat ever!   

Raging fire....well certainly hot enough to melt my face while I toasted and roasted everything my family ate.

Um yeah, she's happy with her candy haul!
This kid loves hotdogs! 
Pirate Gigi!
Our car.  Dr J brought some of his work home with him!

Two more pirates.

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