Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Confessional - Today I got a major craving for....

Fruit Loops.  I was standing with Peach in the hallway at church when the desire to eat Fruit Loops hit me so strong, I started checking the immediate area to see if there were fruit loops present because I believed only a smell could have triggered such a strong reaction.  I saw nothing.  Which leads me to the question, why was I craving fruit loops?  I grew up in a non sugar house.  My mom made claims that sugar gave her gas and knocked her out (turns out there is actually a condition that causes this, it is a problem where people lack the enzyme to digest sucrose and it cause a very similar reaction to lactose intolerance which she also has.  My only problem with her claim, she eats tons of maple syrup and says that doesn't cause her any problems, but maple syrup is full of sucrose.)  Anyway this is neither here nor there and really maters not, except in the fact that we almost never ate sugared cereal as children.  We were the kids who grew up thinking that Cheerios and Corn Flakes were a treat.  The only exception to this was Christmas when my mother would give us each a box of sugared cereal as a gift, but even then she always gave me Cinnamon Crunch because she liked doing cereals that started with the first letter of our name.  I had a sister that always got Fruit Loops, but the sugar cereal was a coveted gift and so never shared.  As an adult I guess I could have eaten whatever cereal I wanted but out of habit, or preference, or just common sense I've stayed away from the super high sugar cereals.  Oh sure my kids gets sugar cereal a heck of lot more then they should.  Gigi almost exclusively chooses Mini Wheat's.  Captain E likes Raisin Bran.  Oatmeal Squares are my favorite type and when I'm feeling particularly naughty I like eating Craklin Oat Bran but there is something about the obnoxious unnatural hues of some cereals, the fact that they don't even pretend to be healthy, the fact that my kids beg for them when we walk down the aisle that just make them totally inexcusable for me.  Captain Crunch I'm talking about you, Apple Jacks, anything with Pebble in the title, or Fruit for that mater, Trix, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, and yes Fruit Loops you are most certainly included.  And so that's why this craving was crazy, and why I'm glad there didn't happen to be a toddler munching down on a bag just a few feet away from me, because I'm pretty sure in the state I was in I would have knocked that kid over and stole their treat!


  1. You know what a good combo is? It's so unhealthy and I don't know if I could sanely indulge in it again...but Skippy chunky peanut butter eaten spoonful for spoonful with bites of Fruit Loops. That was like my favorite "breakfast" ever (pre-healthy). I ate like 20 bowls of that a day when I was pregnant with Max because I craved it so much!

  2. I ate far too much sugared cereal as a child, and there are days when the cravings for Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms are almost more than I can stand.

  3. Actually maple syrup does the same thing to me... I just like to pretend it's not as bad so I can have some desserts! But, as to the whys for which kid would get the cereal... it had nothing to do with initials of names... I just thought that was your favorite. I think it's cute that even to this day, a gift box of cereal gets all of you, my adult children, excited and there is absolutely no sharing once the name is on the box! :)



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