Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Second Shift Perks

Dr. J is finishing up his last few days in the ICU.  He's enjoyed the variety, the excitement, the opportunity to actually do procedures.  The only off putting bit has been the night shifts...or has it?  I mean I'm not going to lie...I miss my husband at night.  I'm the kind of person who sleeps better when I have someone to cuddle up next to.  As for Dr. J, sleeping in the day isn't the best way to stay well rested.  That being said there are some major perks to the night shift.

The typical day shift for Dr. J: waking before the sun comes up, eating alone, leaving the house before anyone else wakes up, work, work, work, comes home somewhere between 9-Midnight, eats alone, pokes a fight with me for the fun of it, off to bed, tries to fall asleep so he'll be ready to do it all over again.

The typical night shift: Eat breakfast with wife and kids, run son to school, nap while wife runs errands and household, catch up on outside chores (ie mow lawn, wed, paint, whatever), help son with homework, eat dinner with family, go to work.

The major perks, eating meals together, actually having time for kids and dad to interact, being able to have family prayers as a family, getting to those pesky joint household chores.  My own personal perks, being able to watch Kitchen Nightmares in bed instead of another martial arts movie.  No one saying anything when I decide I want a snack at 11 pm at night...thank you preggo belly.  I'm not going to say I'd want to night shift always, but with the schedule Dr. J keeps they've actually turned out to be nice little welcomed vacations.

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  1. Funny, we have been watching Kitchen Nightmares lately, too!



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