Thursday, September 22, 2011

Odds and Ends

 Fly me away!  How I love a box of sidewalk chalk.  So many different things you can do.  Just a day later Peach put a tiny monster on almost every one of the little bricks of our back patio.  Hours of fun, for so little money. 
 In our house pants are optional!
 We've had a huge influx of crickets and grasshoppers this year.  The kids have had a good time collecting them in jars, watching them for a day, and then letting them go.  This sucker was so strong he actually rocked the jar with his jumps!
My mom planted these sunflowers with my kids in Utah and then we brought them home in the van.  I didn't think any of them would make it, they were so straggly but five of them took hold and grew up tall and beautiful.  The kids love them and I was surprised by how gorgeous a live giant sunflower head could be.  We will definitely be planting some more again next year.
 These are two of Peach's most recent art projects.  The one at the top she did at home.  I love how she used almost the whole paper.  The one below is from nursery.  All my kids love the feathers!

 So my daughter is a mini fashionista.  She loves these skinny jeans and these boots were the perfect style to go with them.  Imagine her dismay when she found out she couldn't wear them at school.  They have a tennis shoes only policy!  She was devastated.  "Mom," she cried, "If I can only wear them on Monday no one will ever see them."  Yes she does frighten her father!
Captain E has been losing teeth like mad.  These two front teeth are my favorite.  While for his sake I hope these teeth come back soon, I can't lie that if they aren't in by Christmas we will definitely be recording a video song :)

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