Thursday, September 22, 2011

GiGi's 1st Day of School

How did I miss posting about this? This mom is having all types of problems keeping up. Last month Gigi started preschool. She picked this outfit out special. The girl does love her horses. Apparently the first few days were a little rough.  She apparently did not have any interest in her teacher showing her how to do things.  She's a go to, do it herself little girl.  Apparently things have worked themselves out since then.  She is quite happy and we're pleased with how much she is learning.  I used to dread the start of school for her.  Gigi didn't say anything before she turned three.  Learning her colors was a challenge.  While she was blessed with many other strengths I had started to worry that maybe school was just not going to be her thing.  But she has caught up.  She loves her letters now and has a good time sounding out words.  Reading is one of her favorite activites.  She also loves art.  The picture below is from one of our stamp days.  Originally I thought her face was getting red on it from her fingers, then I saw the actually shapes.  Yes my daughter was stamping her face.  What can I say.  I was the girl who used ot write all over my arms and legs with markers and pens.  A different life and I probably would have wanted to grow up to be a tatooed lady :)

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