Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Confessional -Today was a mom flop, but my son deserves some credit....

In our church the children are given the opportunity to give talks about Gospel topics in front of each other. As the mother of a shy child it isn't something I particularly look forward to. Last week one of the primary presidency members came in to nursery where I was hanging out (I've been in there a lot lately. It is a fun place to talk to my favorite friend out here and you can eat to your hearts content without worrying what other people are thinking) to tell me that my son had a talk the next week. They said he had told them no he didn't want to do it, but they'd managed to get him to take the sticker with the topic so they were hoping he'd change his mind. I was hesitant about it, but knew this Sunday would be one of the few Dr. J would actually make it to church and hoped that he could get him excited about it. I told Dr. J when he got home. Then we both promptly forgot about it. Friday we had a ward activity and the primary president mentioned the talk when she came over to chat with me. "Oh yeah the talk, thanks for the reminder!" And then I again promptly forgot. Sunday I'm sitting in nursery when one of the girls mentions, "Did you remember Captain E has a talk, he's sitting up at the front of the primary room?" Talk about bad mother of the year! I ran from the room and briefly scanned the church for Dr. J, hoping I could pawn this mess off on him. When I didn't see him, I ran into the primary room and sat next to Captain E. When it was his turn he went to the front of the room, and I whispered promps on a scripture story about Amman. Some how he managed to pull it off. He finished, moved back to his seat, and I left the room still sweating bullets. After church I asked him what his plan was before I came in. He said, "Well I didn't want to give a talk, but I knew it was something I needed to do, so I was just going to make myself do it!" High fives to my son! As he's started to grow older, this is something we talk about often, that there are things that needed to be done in life that can be distasteful, that frighten you, or just seem downright dull. Part of growing up though is learning that just getting it done and out of the way is the best policy so that you can move on to what you really want to do. I'm glad to see my little man is starting to internalizing some of these lessons and I'm so proud of him for being willing to face his fears. Now if I could just become a better mother....we'd be set.

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