Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 40 - Alone, 33 Things I Happen To Love About My Husband

1) He has the most amazing eyes. A perfect blue that stand out so bright when he wears blue shirts. They of course are framed by amazingly long eyelashes.
2) He is incredibly smart. That isn't the say he is always right, but he is often right and isn't afraid to give a wrong answer. If he gives a wrong answer he learns the right one and then he isn't wrong on that again. When you are a medical student this is a highly valued skill.
3) He has a great sense of humor.
4) He is always making up little songs, songs about the kids, song about life. It makes me laugh.
5) He has a huge smile. It is is the first thing I noticed about him.
6) He keeps the bed warm.
7) He smells delicious. I wish I could bottle his smell and sell it for money!
8) He is a hard worker. He has spent the last eight years working his buns off while going to school so that I could stay home with our kids.
9) He complements efforts rather than results.
10) He has a great sense of adventure. I remember one of our first dates it was snowing. We were leaving an activity and the church parking lot was empty. All the sudden he started doing wheelies.
11) He loves nature.
12) He takes me for drives.
13) He shares the same political beliefs I do. It makes it easy to talk politics.
14) He explains sports to me.
15) He lets me pick out his clothes.
16) He loves to play games and never rubs in when he wins, a major plus when you are married to spoil sport.
17) He has an iron stomach and will eat whatever I put in front of him.
18) He has an amazing ability to recall minute facts from books he's read.
19) When our children wake up in the night he is the one who gets up with them.
20) After nine years he still gropes me in the kitchen when the kids aren't looking.
21) He tells me I have a perfect body....what wife doesn't want to hear that.
22) He thinks exercising together is a date.
23) He washes the dishes and is the one most likely to sweep the floor.
24) He has a look he gives me that makes me feel like he can see into the very depths of my soul.
25) He is extremely complementary.
26) He encourages me to be more social.
27) He always takes my bets.
28) He served in nursery for over a year with no complaints because I needed his help.
29) As he goes through this interviewing process he is constantly asking himself, "Is this a place that my family can be happy." It is his number one concern.
30) He has been writing me poetry and love letters since we first got together.
31) He is my very own sleep aid....I kid you not he is a cure to my insomnia.
32) His children adore him.
33) He is constantly telling us he loves us.

I could go on, but in honor of his 33rd birthday I'll stop there. Happy Birthday Baby!  Loving you is Cherry Pie!!!!!

Captain E says, "I love you dad, I hope you had a good day. And remember you will come back on Friday and then we'll have some fun time!"

Gigi, "I don't want to say anything. Come home soon."

Peach, "Dhuh, hi dada!"


  1. Thank you, Crys. You are the love of my life and I am so happy I have somebody so wonderful who celebrates me being part of her life. Baby, I'm the lucky one ;) - Jason

  2. Nice Jason...you were under me...so it looks like I love myself...GROSS!!!!



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