Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 35-Alone

Today I Am Thankful For: Places to take the kids.  The library, preschool, school, Tae Kwon Do, you get the picture.  I love my kids but when we just hang out at home things get a little dicey.  I'm grateful for new places for them to play and places for them to get their wiggles out.

Today I didn't:
-do dishes...I can't help fun.  
-catch Peach's third pooh of the day.  I put her in panties and the girl did good, that is until the end of the day when she had a diarrhea in her panties.  GROSS!  Some things about being a parent are great, some aren't.  Bodily fluids are one of those not so great moments.

Today I:
-shaved my legs.  My hubby is coming home in three days.  Time to start grooming again.  
-made nested eggs for dinner.  Captain E begged for them.
-got a peek at the Back Friday sale adds.  So something I want goes on sale at 12:01 am, Friday at Wal-mart.  Dare I go?  What a pain. 

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