Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 26 - Alone

Today I'm Thankful For: Free Heat!  Yup that is right.  On top of my cheapo rent, $544 for a three bedroom townhouse, we also don't pay for gas.  That means on today the first really chilly day of the year I cranked my heat up to 74.  Yes I was freezing.  And I don't have to worry one single minute about it.  This year I'm thankful for my free gas.  I don't even want to think about next year.

Today I didn't:
-wash dishes...there is a huge pile on the counter and I have no intention of doing a thing about it but on the positive...well I spoke to soon on that one.  The thought of coming down to a pile of unwashed dishes, well it was just too much.  The job is done :)

Today I:
-cleaned just about everything else.  Yes I folded the huge pile of clothes on the table.  Yes I cleaned the floors.  Yes I vacuumed.  Yes I organized all the toys.  Yes I vacuumed the stairs.  Yes I picked up the rooms.  Yes I am amazing :)

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