Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 33 - Alone

Today I'm Thankful For: The family I married into.  Dr. J is headed to Utah today.  He's picking up 200 pounds of wheat, 2 Christmas dresses, my diamond engagement ring, and Christmas gifts for the kids, so my mother in law and I did some chatting today.  I love my in-laws.  Popular media says that a daughter in law is in competition with her in laws.  Mine help take care of me.  Today my mother-in-law told me she's going to take the summer off, she teaches preschool, to come out and help me move where ever it is that we are ending up this year.  This news brought a great relief to my heart.  I've been concerned about the move, uprooting the kids, uprooting ourselves.  Now I know I'll have the help I'll need.

Today I didn't:
-sleep...I mean really.  I went to bed at five and woke up a eight.
-make lunch.  thank you left over pizza for saving me.

Today I:
-barely can my eyes open writing this.  Sorry folks but this girl is tired and going to bed. 

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