Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 18 Alone....Wow I'm Almost At 20!

Today I'm Thankful For: My Cell Phone! I don't want to exaggerate but that phone saved my life today.  Gigi and I were having a disagreement.  She wanted the stool closer to the sink while brushing her teeth but refused to get off it so I could safely move it.  Meanwhile Peach who had been been  in big girl panties all day long climbed up on top of the toilet and started peeing all over it.  At the same time I hear this crunching noise.  Captain E was trying to break the girl's Tinker Bell lunch box in half.  Mom had a mini melt down.  Enter the cell phone.  Thank you t-mobile for mobile to mobile minutes.  Thank you cell phones for the fact that I could reach my hubby even though he was out sight seeing in Portland.  Thank you hubby for your kind loving words to the kids, for giving a scripture story on the spot, and thank you cell phone for making it all possible on speaker phone.  Forty years ago this wouldn't be possible.  Shoot two years ago we didn't have cell phones (I know we were a little behind).  Today I'm thankful for media that lets me feel close to my hubby even when he is half a continent away. 

Today I didn't:
-finishing cleaning my bedroom.  I started it, got to the point where everything looks like a total disaster and then quit :)  

Today I:
-cleaned the kitchen and living room
-finished laundry
-put Peach in undies...well until she peed all over my toilet.  No one freak out on me here, I'm not potty training her yet, I'm more just setting up the ground work :)
-made homemade pizza for dinner, 2 parts white flour, 1 part wheat.  I was doing all wheat flour but the kids keep telling me it tasted weird so we are back to baby steps.
-sold some stuff at a local consignment store.  I'm unloading some of the toys that rarely get played with and the outgrown clothes.  It is a good idea before Christmas comes to clear a little room on the toy shelves, plus I figure the money I make can help supplement Christmas.  It is a win/win.  I actually discussed it with Captain E.  I told him, "Sweetie how about we sell some of your old toys you don't play with anymore to help pay for new ones."  It didn't take longer then a second for him to agree and then start dancing around singing about new toys. 

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