Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 20 - Alone

Today I'm Grateful For: a good nights rest.  Yes for the first time in weeks I was asleep before midnight, eleven, ten, even nine.  Sometime around eight thirty I fell asleep while patting Peach on the back praying she would fall asleep.  The positive on this I got some much needed rest.  The negative...while I was sleeping she got off the bed, knocked my earring holder onto the ground and broke all but two pairs of my dangle earrings.  Peach I do not appreciate this!!!!!

Today I didn't:
-clean a single thing in my house.  As a result Monday morning it looks like a dump.  Looks like I have a day of cleaning to do.

Today I:
-chuckled when someone in church said, "Wow Dr. J is going to be home in two weeks, that went by fast."

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