Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 38 - Alone Two Lives, One Day

He: Woke up at 1:30 am.
She: Said, "Will you get out of bed and turn that alarm clock off."
He: Got dressed in the dark and then asked, "Would you mind if I turned the lights on?"
She: "Fine."
He: Got in a cold car with only a Dr. Pepper and a book on tape about one depressed Mr. Lincoln for company on the 3 hour drive to St. Louis.
She: Has no memory until...
He: Due to bad directions by google maps ended up going north instead of south.  When he saw no airport signs he called.
She: Woke at five to the phone ringing.  "What," she said.  And then had to turn on her computer to try and figure out the correct way.
He: Turned south and made it to the airport with plenty of time to park, check in, and be told his toothpaste had to be check because it was larger then 3 ounces, something he had been told by...
She: Spent several hours looking at GPS units online.  This was the second time in a week she'd been woken to correct Google map inadequacies.
He: Started reading Hunger Games on the plane but then promptly fell asleep.
She: Let the kids run wild and then reigned them in for lunch and church clothes.  She showered with the eighteen month old because when Peach heard the shower start up there was no keeping her out.
He: Got to San Diego and called his hotel to come pick him up.  Going outside he realized he had entered the Garden of Eden or maybe the Land of Oz.
She: Dragged three kids to the car grateful for the sun and the rather warm 40 degree weather.  She entertained, begged, and pleaded with three kids to stay in their bench during sacrament meeting.  She dropped two off at primary and then followed the third one into nursery where she spent the rest of the afternoon singing songs, playing with toys, hoping no one would kick her out for being there with her not quite eighteen month old daughter. 
He: Was caught up in the book and never left his hotel room.  He said, "This is GOOD!" about the book.
She: Called him after church.  "So how is it?"
He: "It is beautiful!"  And by this he meant he was close enough to smell the ocean, the sky was blue and perfect, the grass green, the weather balmy.
She: Rushed home to pick up the living room and throw together a vegetarian lasagna to be put in the oven before the home teachers showed up.
He: Took a shower and was chauffeured to a dinner date with the other Med Ped interviewees and residents.
She: Spent dinner listening to potty jokes and watching sauce get squished into tights.  She got kids ready for bed.  She washed dishes.  She swept the dinning room floor.  She finished reading the last 1/3 of Harry Potter Seven.  She actually cried when she Professor Snape shows his silver doe patronus.  She sat in bed writing this blog and is deeply embarrassed by the words in the previous sentence.
He: Went to bed after a night of getting to know yous and good food.


  1. Haha! That was fun to compare your day!

  2. I think I cried at that part, too. And this was a very clever post.



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