Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 27 - Alone

Today I'm Thankful For: A belief in Jesus Christ.  I was born and raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Regardless of whatever else was going on in my life I've been consistent in going for three hours almost every Sunday since my birth.  Today was no exception.  Me, three kids, alone in a pew.  It went as good as can be expected.  I got all three of them to fold arms for the sacrament prayer.  That was a huge step.  For the most part they played or wrote quietly after that. There was a moment when I had to take Peach out to settle her down.  She hates church and complains bitterly.  The fact that it is right during the time that if I could get her to nap she would nap, does not help.  I stood up and walked out.  When I peaked in a few minutes later to check on the other two they were running behind the pew.  I grabbed them and forced them outside with me.  Times like these you have to question the sanity of coming to church with young children, especially while you are on your own.  Why then do I do it?  From a social perspective I enjoy the programs of the church.  While I think sacrament completely lacks any stimulation for children, primary is a great place for my children to be.  Young women's and young men's equal good.  I enjoy the companionship of other woman that I find in Relief Society and while I sometimes find visiting teaching and home teaching awkward in it's attempts to force friendships, I appreciate the idea of having someone to check in on.  I like knowing I will have a Christmas Party every year and I enjoy not having to worry about Halloween because there is always a Trunk or Treat.  This alone though is not enough to get me out of my house every Sunday.  I go to church every Sunday because I have always had a testimony of the fact that there is a Savior, one Jesus Christ who died on a cross for me and has a desire for me to better myself so that I can feel of his love and direction. Church focuses that for me.  It provides motivation to be better and gives me a sense of satisfaction and peace that I am trying to commune with him.  I by no means think that my church has a monopoly on being able to do that but I am a believer in it's power to bring families together and focus energies towards good.  I bring my children to church every Sunday even when I'm alone because I want my children to have the same opportunity to feel that.  I'm grateful for a belief in a Savior that in an world that sometimes doesn't make any sense is a foundation that keeps me firm, for Amazing Grace that saves a soul, even one that is so insignificant as mine.

Today I didn't:
-make dinner.  It was my friend Erika's birthday and she invited us over for dinner, that she cooked, plated, and then cleaned up after.  She is amazing and I love her.  Happy Birthday Erika
-get my flour picked up.  It is a disaster.

Today I:
-stressed over the fact that my hubby missed his flight.  It turned out ok although the detour flight to LAX he had to take cost us an extra 50 dollars and made him late to dinner.
-manged another Sunday alone with the three kids. 
-risked body parts in the mouth full of teeth.  Peach is still nursing.  I've been trying to cut her back but until her dad gets home I have no plants to tackle the morning and night feeding.  Unfortunately she is becoming a shark with a mouth full of teeth.  She has eight teeth, four in the front on top, four in the front on bottom and then the rest of her gums are huge and bumpy with more.  Four molars are just barely poking through in the back.  I risk nipple and finger every day trying to take care of her needs without losing any skin.

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