Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 29 - Alone

Today I Am Thankful For: A warm coat.  The weather has turned and it is getting chilly.  I have to bundle the children up each morning before school.  Gap warmest coat, gloves and mittens, like little kittens I march them out to the car.  There was a day in Chicago one day where I saw a man without a coat.  I wish I would have given him mine. In the great debates about rights and what we should have a right to, in our right to life I never hear anyone mention coats.  But when you live in Chicago and it is cold, well a coat is a pretty important thing.  As is food.  I once heard a story of an Anglican Priest that found himself in the midst of a battle when he started preaching from the pulpit that people with no food should have the right to take it from the store.  It caused quite a stir.  There are no laws to make coats or food free, which means around this time of year, when it is cold and times are hard we need to watch out for one another.

Today I didn't:
-pick up the toys downstairs or wash the dishes.  I'm debating going downstairs now and doing it but I'm trying to keep Netflix busy so a certain almost Dr. husband will study for his EM test instead of watching Asian War Movies :)
-yell...I'm trying not to yell at all.  Rough stuff for me, but it is actually going pretty good :)

Today I:
-finished transcriptions on my list of like thirty.  Go me!  The negative on this...the kids watched tons of TV while I was working.
-laughed when Captain E told me, "Mom I wish I'd been born a girl so that I didn't ever have to do anything."  This comment came after he asked me why I wasn't in school like his dad.  I told him, I'd finished school and now someone needed to stay home and take care of him, the girls, and the house.  After daddy was done with school then I wanted to go back.  That's when he dropped his ever have to do anything line. 

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