Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 16 Alone

Today I'm thankful for: My townhouse.  As our time here comes to a close there are times when I just don't appreciate it like I should.  I get tired of not having a garage, of having all my closet space taken, of how tiny my kitchen is...the truth is though this place is awesome.  For under $600 a month I have a nice big three bedroom townhouse.  I have a washer and gas dryer in my house...and I don't have to pay for gas.  I have two bathrooms, something my friends in older homes in town don't have.  We have a pool, a work out room, tons of playgrounds for the kids to play on.  I'm surrounded by people from my ward which has saved me more than one time.  We've even earned interest on our place.  It is a great place to live.  I'm so thankful for my townhouse.

Today I didn't:
-make dinner...thank you subway veggie for saving my life again

Today I:
-cleaned the floors...I didn't do it yesterday and yes I really do think I was going to go crazy
-was able to keep it together with the three kids at Tae Kwon Do graduation.  Captain E is now a yellow belt.  Congrats Captain E!  I don't know what happened.  It is like a switch turned in him...all the sudden he is really serious about it, his punches are so strong now, his kicks are getting better, he actually yells when he does his moves.  Today he broke a board with a side kick.  It was awesome!!!!
-went to lunch brunch.  It was good to be with the girls in my ward.
-went grocery shopping...good to have some new fruit in the house

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