Saturday, March 3, 2012

Climate Change

 I definitely think so!  We have had some seriously warm weather this winter.  The positive... toasty bodies.  The negative...crazy tornado weather in February.  Dr. J has been working a month of nights.  A few nights ago it came to head.  The wind was crazy.  What was I going to do if we had a tornado warning.  I called G bear and Captain E in, "Ok, if you hear a tornado siren, I need you to get yourself out of bed and start heading downstairs.  Momma will help you, but she's also got to carry Peach and Cheetah."  Tornadoes, just one more time you need more hands.  Then I made a tornado bag....snacks, drinks, phone, itouch for entertainment and checking weather.  Glad I didn't need to use any of it, but had anything happened I wanted to be prepared.  Speaking of tornadoes, yesterday the weather was so bad I actually called Jason outside Gigi's school.  "Sweetie I said.  I just wanted to let you know we are being hailed on, the rain is so thick we can't see out the windshield, and we are under black, black clouds."  I of course had Peach and Cheetah with me and Gigi was in the school.  "If we don't make it, I just wanted to say I love you, and if something happens to us, you still have Captain E."  What can I say, tornadoes scare me!

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  1. I hope you're staying sane out there! At least E and G are old enough to understand instructions like that; it's good for them to know what to do. My girls know to go into their closet in case of an earthquake but I have a feeling they'd really just flip out...we probably need more practice. :)

    But not REAL practice. Just pretend practice.



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