Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinned It - Something Sweet

 I've never made fresh lemonade.  Is that weird?  I grew up in Arizona with grandparents who had citrus in their backyard.  I've made and drunk gallons of orange and grapefruit juice but for some reason no lemon.  This week I had a bag of lemons.  I needed two.  Thank you pinterest.  Because of weight watchers I only had a small sip but it tasted delicious and the kids LOVED IT!  Who knew lemonade was so easy to make.  With the hot summer on the way we are definitely going to be making more of this.
 March 14, the day nerdy foodies like to indulge in a little math joke.  This year with strawberries running a dollar a quart I went with this little beauty.  Something about a cool pie, so yum!  Anyone want to sit and eat and get fat with me this summer :)

 I holidays traditions for the kids and St. Patrick's Day is no exception.  I love to put a little something/something together for them.  This year it was this great idea.  How cute are these rainbows?
 These two weren't pins, but I almost felt like they should have been.  G bear came home with this leprechaun paper plate face mask and every time I look at it I just crack up.  And then there are the magazines.  These are just a few of the magazines Dr. J has gotten over the last few many that I swear he's never going to read them.  Why can't this stuff just all be apps on your I Phone?  Stop killing trees med profession.  And while we are on that it's time to move away from pagers.  2012, please start texting!  Ok off the soap box.  I want to toss these magazines but they are what is current in medicine and sometimes Dr. J likes to flip through them, but they were driving me crazy falling down on the shelf, so I found these cute magazine holders at target.  Just a dollar a piece in the dollar section.  Hurrah!

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