Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preemie Life Day 136

 She just keeps growing.  We are up over 11 lbs now.  Can I just say I love having a scale at my house.  I can tell she's growing but it's fun to see the numbers going up.  Plus I love ovals, especially ones that have chubby little babies on them.
 Shesh Dr. J I know you are working a month of nights but it might be time to talk about your clothing choice :)  Oh nights, you are wearing me out.  Turns out I can't sleep well without my hubby.  Three to four hour night is what I'm averaging.  Hubby says, "Stop watching movies, facebooking, blogging, and just lay in bed until you go to sleep."  Guess what, I still can't sleep.  But Saturday night, the one night a week my hubby had off, we got into bed at nine thirty and he started up Grimm.  Ten seconds later I was out.  I miss you baby!

 Hanging out in my bed.....
 I ordered some flowers to make giant flower headbands.  I'm sorry, I know it might be tacky but I love giant flowers on baby heads.  This headband made me laugh.  It looks very 1980's workout video...haha what a cutie!
 Hanging out in the bumbo.  I had to kick all three of my other children out of this seat today.  I figured the kid who we actually bought it for should get a chance.  Do you like how Gigi and Captain E are in this pic?  The second they see the camera they come running.  Here it was pretty awesome.  When I was trying to get the snaps on the scale and Peach kept jumping out of the tub and trying to get a shot of her girls no so awesome!

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