Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Week On NPR

I listen to a lot of NPR/PRI the world.  As a mom with four kids, two in school, three in activities I spend a lot of time in the car.  Since texting and driving isn't illegal :) and minutes aren't necessarily cheap I spend quite a bit of time listening to NPR.  It helps break up the monotony of the new Taylor Swift song.  There are always books and stories I'm interested in and occasionally something peaks my interest enough that I need to see it.  Here are the three most recent.

Before and after pictures of cleanup since the Japanese quake and tsunami last year.  Really amazing the damage done, what is still around, and what has been cleaned up.

The new Lytro camera.  It captures all the light and then allows you to focus on any point in the image after a picture is taken.  If you've ever tried to sharpen an image you know how amazing this technology really is.  I don't think this will be taking the place of professional photographers out there, but when you think about this technology used in speed trap cameras or in Great Britain, the most watched people on the planet, well it truly is amazing.  You know in CSI where they focus in a picture and things actually become more it would actually be possible.

Finally Slaves at Sea.  A few years ago I read the book Eating Animals.  I found the style grating and self agrandizing but one thing that stuck with me was the environmental cost of a single meal of shrimp.  Since then I haven't been able to eat it, which really is a crying shame since shrimp was my first seafood love, but after listening to this..

I'm now off calamari as well.  Our food delivery system shields us from the true environmental and human cost of our appetites.  It wouldn't hurt us as consumers to be a little more aware of the true cost!

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