Saturday, March 3, 2012

Preemie Life - Day 127, 2 Months Corrected

I wish this picture was in focus, blah my camera drives me nuts.  Look at how tiny this little girl was just a few weeks ago.  Every day she grows a little more, just a little bit bigger.  Looking at Cheetah next to this doll just takes my breathe away.  Just a few months ago she was that size, living in "glass" box, being feed by a tube, living in the hospital.  Those were hard times for the family.  Momma was crying a lot.  Now we've got little Cheetah home and she is shinning light.  On the 28th, Cheetah had an appointment with the developmental pediatrician.  I was worried we were going to get into trouble for weaning her of the NG feeds.  I knew at the time it was the right thing to do and Dr. J and I did everything to make sure she was safe and growing, but I was still worried that the doctor was going to be mad at me.  I'm just not a ruler breaker.  Even ridiculous rules, I have trouble wanting to break.  Turns out my fears were totally unwarranted.  The doctor was happy for us.  Here are the notes she wrote me on my little rose.

1) Cheetah is gorgeous.
2) I think she forgot she was born early :)  Her developmental level for corrected age is right on or a little advanced.

Turns out all those little smiles and babbles really mean something :)  Her little "hi" and "mum" are my favorite.  

I haven't shed a single tear in two months and when you look at these sweet little faces I think you can see why.

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  1. Cute! So glad I took these shots of my niece with the baby doll. She looks adorable.



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