Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Good Nights Sleep

A couple of days ago Peach woke up with a black eye, or more specifically a purple eye.  For the life of me I have zero idea how this happened.  She went to sleep and woke up black and blue....or maybe I do know how this happened.  Check out how my kids sleep.
 This is an almost nightly thing, Peach sleeps with books.  Not just one or two, but like twenty.  I'm guessing a corner got her.
 While we are checking in on Peach, let's look at everyone else.  Here is Captain E.  Wow, even in sleep the kid is tense, I mean seriously.
 Then here is G-bear.  She looks normal, what you can't see in this picture, she is on the very edge of her bed.  She has a whole bed to sleep on, and the other side is on the wall but every night I find her and inch from being on the floor.

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