Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Things here have been getting a little hairy.  In the case of Gigi we just needed a little trim.  She loves braids, ponies, pigs, buns, so long hair is a must.  But we took a couple inches off the bottom just to keep things healthy.
 Then there was Peach.  Oh my that baby hair it was just scary.  We are talking perpetually bed head and scraggly ends.  So we chopped.  Goodbye mullet, hello A-line bob.  Cutting my kids hair is just not my thing but desperate times call for scissors.  I tried to be quick and the whole time kept reiterating that mom is the only one who can cut hair.  Hair cutting is not for kids, hair cutting is not for siblings, hair cutting is not for babies.  Can you tell I'm worried about kids cutting their own hair?  As for mom's cut, it turned out pretty cute.

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