Saturday, March 3, 2012

So Behind....I Mean Really!!!!!

 How crazy is this.  These were Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer cake pops I made for the nurses in the NICU.  Christmas is hard time to have a family member in the hospital, but I had a husband working in a the hospital over Christmas as well so I wanted to show the staff that I appreciated them being there.  Can I just say I LOVE CAKE POPS.  They are partially responsible for my 15 plus pounds of weight gain over the holidays.  Thanks a lot cake pops :)

 I talked about these blankets and how much I love them.  They were the gift we gave our daughter for Christmas.  Wow I can't believe this was two months ago.  She is growing so fast.
 I made posole for new years.  It is one of my favorite meals and every New Years I enjoy eating it at my cousin Sami's New Years party.  Love it.  This year I made it for myself.  I threw everything in the  pressure cooker.  
Pork, Check!

Onion, Check!

Chili powder, check!

Hominy, Check!
Cook for an hour, add salt, cabbage, cilantro, and  new years meal ever!  The kids of course hated it.  They said it was "Too spicy :)"
 When Cheetah first came home she wasn't able to go anywhere.  We were constantly worried about her getting sick and her fledgling immune system needed to not be tested.  Grocery shopping was not high on the no/no list, but eating was high on the priority list.  I found a local group that would deliver organic fruits and veggies and cage free local eggs directly to our house once a week.

They deliver things like corn meal and sucrant as well.

Peach loves delivery day!

Now that Cheetah is getting stronger we are going to grocery store.  I still have loved our delivery but I will probably be slowing down.  It is nice because you change the size you are getting, frequency and even the food that comes in the bin.  Definitely cool and life saver during those cold winter months we were trapped in the house.

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