Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you been missing me?

I am definitely behind.  We had a mystery ER trip and a black eye, a visit from my sister's family, a new vacuum, major car repairs, a great visit with the developmental pediatrician, and some bizarrely warm weather that have me in fear of a tornado.  Dr. J is working three weeks of night shifts until we have a week in Utah where we are going to bless our little babe.  I officially started a diet today.  The weight just keeps going up.  So much for losing the baby weight.  Does this picture tie you over for a bit?


  1. Yes, I have been missing you! And the picture does help a teeny, tiny bit! She is such a little chunky adorable child. Mystery ER Trip??? Black Eye??? Details girlie!

  2. Goodness. Do you ever feel you're just running to keep up with life? That's been me lately and it sounds like it's been you, too. Hopefully things settle down a bit. :)



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