Sunday, February 5, 2012

Preemie Life - Week 3 Home

 We keep commenting on how much smaller Cheetah's feet and hands are in comparison to her siblings.  I started thinking maybe I was imagining it, but all I had to do was pull out Captain E's book and we can see her feet really are much smaller.   
 It seems like my bed is the backdrop of all her pictures.  What can I say, it is my favorite place.

 Gigi is loving the responsibility of a new baby the most.  She loves changing diapers, helping with feedings, and is constantly trying to get away with carrying Cheetah off.

Originally we bought a scale to help get rid of home care.  It's been fun to have and we we transitioned Cheetah off of NG feeds to PO feeds it was a necessity.  Love that little fist by he cheek and the chubby little legs.

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