Sunday, February 12, 2012

Favorite Swaddler, Favorite Jeans

I love Aden + Anais blankets. I found these blankets when Peach was just a small fry.  Now with Cheetah we've acquired four more.  If you love to swaddle they are the perfect blanket.  Large enough to fold in half with ample room on each wing, they keep baby wrapped up tight.  In the summer their light airy, feel makes them the perfect choice.  Swaddle baby up without getting to sweaty.  In the winter we double swaddle for that cozier feel, just like in the hospital.  The come in all kinds of adorable patterns and the muslin just looks beautiful. I use them to swaddle, as nursing and car seat covers, they are the perfect blanket to put between my daughter and her winter car seat cover, and this lovebirds blankets was absolutely gorgeous in our family pics.  You can order them online from their site or you can find them ten dollars cheaper at Target. Love them!!!!

My other favorite this week...American Eagle original boot-cut jeans with stretch.  I'm not going to lie, the baby weight is just not coming off.  I'm going to blame my lack of self control, stress eating, and the long recovery time from the c-section.  Three postpartum months in maternity jeans though was starting to really wear me down.  Thanks a lot Oprah for telling me to throw out all my fat jeans.  I didn't really want the expense of buying new pants but I just couldn't tolerate having nothing to wear any longer.  I put the call out and my friend Jamie told me to check out American Eagle.  The jeans run a little big so I can enjoy being in my "normal" size.  I love the Indigo Original boot-cut stretch.  The stretch makes them comfy enough on my scar tissue but the jeans are substantial enough not to show underwear lines and to give me a little extra support.  Plus right now all the jeans in the store and online are $10 off.  After spending hours looking at 70+ dollar jeans it was a welcome relief.  Worth checking out if you ask me.  


  1. I hope you aren't cheeking out too much! ;) Otherwise you might want to keep hunting for new pants. -Rach

  2. Haha that is so funny rach :) checking, checking ;)

  3. I saw someone using one of these blankets just yesterday. :)



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