Saturday, February 11, 2012

Growing Up

Valentine's brings up all types of icky, lovey emotions :)  My friend was mentioning her daughter had brought up boyfriends and so I decided to ask my kids about their own experiences circling the drain of young love.  First Gigi.  Gigi what do you know about boyfriends?  "They are friends that are boys."  So do kids in your class have boyfriends/girlfriends?  "Yes we are suppose to be friends with everyone."  Alright, I'm cool with that.  So then I moved on to Captain E.  "Do you know Dad is my boyfriend.  "Yes of course, you wouldn't marry someone who wasn't?"  "So with Valentine's Day coming up are there any people who are boyfriend and girlfriend?"  "Yes, Ivan made a special valentine for his girlfriend."  "That is so silly.  What is the point of having a girlfriend if you don't have a drivers license to take them on a date?"  "Mom, we are so much more complex then you think we are."  And there you have children are beyond my understanding.

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