Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preemie Life - Three Months Old, One Month Adjusted

I bought these adorable little stickers to mark the months...I then promptly lost them.  Go momma!!!!  Three months old now and Cheetah weighs 9lbs 14.5 ounces.  Over three times her birth weight!!!!  We weaned her off the NG tube without the doctor and she is eating and gaining like a champ.  Her little cheeks are all chumps.  She spends most of her days watching her siblings.  The three places she likes to sleep, the swing, mom's arms, and occasionally her bed :)  Don't worry though, mom is getting plenty of sleep.  We watch Battle Star Galatica with our final nurse of the night at eleven.  I put her in her bed and she sleeps until sometime between three and four.  She comes in bed with mama and we nurse again and then she sleeps like the undead at noon snug between her mama and papa until seven.  Seems to be working out pretty good.  She's started smiling at everything and she loves having her back fat tickled :)  Her latch is a little sloppy and she gets a lot of air, she doesn't seem to mind but she is the most gassy baby I've ever had.  Even with lots of burping her she still is a supper toot resulting in the coining of some new words.

Boot = a simultaneous burp and toot
Snoot = simultaneous sneeze and toot
Coot = simultaneous cough and toot

In a family where body humor is very much appreciated she is the little gift that keeps on giving :)  We are so happy to have her home and flourishing.  I mentioned to Dr. J this week I can't remember the last time I felt like I needed to cry.  The whole time we were going through the Preemie drama I was a constant mess of tears.  Everyone kept telling me I should talk with someone about it because they were worried it was postpartum.  I keep telling them it was situational depression brought on by a totally lame situation and as soon as I had my baby back I would be fine.  Turns out I was right :)


  1. She looks so good! I can't wait to meet her!

  2. I'm just reading this. Our story of Little Miss Isabelle is so similar to yours. My water broke at 28 weeks and the docs were able to keep her inside for 2 weeks before she finally had enough and made her grand entrance at 30 weeks. I, too, never cried so constant in my life, especially as days, turned into weeks in the NICU. She was there a total of 5 weeks. I, too, was warned of the dangers of postpartum depression. I had the right mind to inform them, just as you did, that when we all get home to live as a family, my anxiety would dry up. and it did. Now, I periodically have tears of absolute joy and thankfulness to God for this beautiful miracle. Izzi is 4 months now (adjusted age: 6 weeks), weighing in at 13lbs 8oz. She's active, holding her head steadily, pushing her body up with her arms and bouncing her little feet. I even sit her in a bouncer, where she enjoys tapping her feet and bouncing herself into hysterical laughter. She's not behaving like a 6 week old at all. I can't help but think of all the scary things the doctors warned me of when I first entered the hospital and here we are, happy and healthy. Oh, and her lung development?! With every cry, scream & coo, I'm assured her lungs are just fine. ;-D BTW, she's a major tooter, cooter, booter lil scooter too!



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