Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 21 Alone-We've Made It Three Weeks!

Today I Am Thankful For: My daughter Peach.  I mentioned she broke all my earring last night.  I told my sister this and she blamed me for creating little destructos.  There is a possibility she is right on this.  I think I just happen to have three times the destructive force living under my roof, and three has an additive effect.  Anyway I want to mention that while I was really sad about this whole thing, sad and a little mad, I would never choose to have those earrings back over my little Peach.  Everyone in our family loves Peach.  A perfect example of this, I'm up stairs today putting laundry away and I hear laughing, laughing, laughing.  I come down and find that they have made themselves into a taco using a couch throw.  They love making her laugh.  Peach is our first brown eyed girl.  She looks like her mama and she is a mama's girl.  Sometimes she can be so demanding but she is also so fun.  She is very liberal with the kisses and hugs.  She loves to sing, especially songs with actions.  She loves walking and running away.  She has these cute little square feet with the fattest big toes I've ever seen.  It is adorable.  She is a great talker.  My favorite is when she shakes her finger and says, "no, no, no!"  Cute.  Anyway my point is I'm grateful she is my daughter...even if it is hazardous for jewelry.

Today I didn't:
-go anywhere because I'm just that cool. 

Today I:
-cleaned my house...for hours.  It was such a mess!!!!!  It is amazing how when you have children if you aren't picking something up you are behind.
-continued to be super emotional.  Thank you monthly friend.  You are turning me into a freak of nature.  I've been crying all over the place...once again in church this week, randomly at the counter while I was making lunch, in the carpool lane when I was thinking about a lonely dog, and then today at the end of Home Alone.  Are you kidding me?  That was embarrassing.  The kids were like, "Mom this movie is funny, why are you crying?"

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