Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 17 Alone-I'm thankful for Captain E

Today I am thankful for:  I was going to write a humorous blog about my mini van and the crazy stuff that was in it, but that post will have to wait because today I want to talk about my oldest, my only son, Captain E.  Captain E is a self proclaimed meatatarian.  As a small child we tried to start him out right on veggies before fruits, he never bought it.  With fist and mouth he told us no.  When his words came in he said it loud and clear.  At some point in his very young life he heard the word vegetarian and when he learned it's meaning he declared himself a meatatarian.  He will choke down a vegetable hear or there to humor me but for the most part he stays far away from them.  Tonight I made artichoke for dinner.  I melted some butter and put it on the table.  I said, "Captain E, tonight we are going to try a new fancy vegetable."  "No way, you know I...," at this point I cut him off.  "Sweetie, this hear is a special treat.  You are going to try one bite and then if you don't like this special treat you don't have to eat another piece."  I grabbed a leaf, dipped it in the butter and handed it over to him.  "Clamp your teeth around the end and then pull," I told him.  The little sucker did it and then he smiled.  "That taste weird," he said as he grabbed another one, and then he proceeded to eat 2/3 of the artichoke.  "This is my new favorite vegetable.  Corn used to be it, but now it is this."  "What about carrots?" I asked because occasionally he'll eat one of them.  "Oh I just eat those to help my eyesight.  I used to like cucumbers but then all you would buy were the bitter ones."  He is right on that point, for a couple months in the late spring every cucumber I bought was bitter.  "Tomorrow I'm going to tell my best friends that I love artichokes.  They are going to be grossed out," he said with a laugh.  Then he started telling me about how last year a little girl in his class said you could only have one best friend, but she was wrong because he had lots.  I told him he was right, that daddy, he, Gigi, and Peach were my best friends.  Then he named off all of his, "You, Dad, Gigi, Peach, Tommy (neighbor), Bix (neighbor), Brooklyn (our friend who moved to Utah), Benjamin (our friend who went back to Denmark), Gigi (a little girl in his class last year), Ethan (friend in school this year), Gavin (friend at school), Akash (friend from school)..." then he pauses in the middle of his list.  "Wait," he says, "Who do you love the most out of that list?"  I paused for a second hoping not to do any major damage and said, "Well daddy of course, but I love you and Gigi, and Peach almost as much.  I love you guys a ton.  But being married is different kind of love."  He says to me, "I love you the most, more than the whole universe.  And then I love dad second."  Good boy.  He sits quiet for a second and then says to me, "How do you get a girl to marry you?"  I say, "Well first you finish school and go on a mission.  Then you come home and go to college.  You find a girl you like and then when you've dated for a good long while, you ask her to marry you."  He starts to laugh and says, "And she says yes?"  And I say, "Well honey you only ask if you really like her and you know she really likes you, but that is a long way away and you don't need to worry about it."  I didn't want him to get stressed out.  A few days ago I'd explained a colonoscopy to him and had to promise him he didn't really have to get one when he was fifty unless he was comfortable with it because the kid couldn't sleep worrying about having to have it done.  Silly kid.  Then later after they'd been in bed for about twenty minutes he calls me upstairs.  "Mom, you've got to come see this..."  Turns out he pulled a tooth.  Blood was all over his chin and hand but I've never seen a sweeter smile.  He was so proud to get this one out all by himself and not need dad and his pliers.  I love this kid, bigger then the Universe. 

Today I didn't:
-wash the dishes, blah....

Today I:
-went to institute
-organized my winter clothes...yup it is suppose to be cold in the morning!!!!!
-did the laundry, the one positive on Dr. J being gone, my loads are half the size...
-cleaned up the doll house.  I rearrange the furniture all the time and then the girls play tornado :)

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