Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 15 Alone

Today I'm thankful for: The right to vote.  I'm not going to lie.  Sometimes it can be pretty disappointing.  My first presidential election I was voting as against Bush in a Republican State.  That goes for my second election as well.  It didn't turn out the way I'd hoped but I have to say I'm still thankful for the opportunity I had to participate.

Today I didn't:
-wash dishes after dinner.  Don't tell Dr. J that always grosses him out :)
-get the desk top fixed...it has some freaky weird virus.  In all fairness it lasted seven years, which is pretty darn good in my book.  Thanks for that Compaq.
-do my guitar lesson...I intended to but then a certain piece of fruit daughter did not got to be until eleven.  Thanks a lot late nap.

Today I:
-cut Captain E's hair.  We are not a home haircut family.  One time when we were first married I tried to cut Dr. J's hair...we ended up having to buzz it.  Since then it has seemed worth the $15 dollars every couple of months to get it done.  The same goes for little E, but the idea of entertaining both my daughters around all those neatly stacked shampoo bottles, well to be honest it was just horrifying...thus I pulled out the clippers.  I have to say it didn't go nearly as bad as I thought it would.  Ok sure it isn't even close to a professional job and multiple times during the cut Captain E said, "Oh this is a bad hair day, this is a bad hair day, I'm going to get made fun of at school tomorrow," but luckily for me he hair is fairly forgiving and it looks ok, better than a lot of home haircuts I've seen in my time...well at least ok enough to pass until Dr. J gets home and can take him to a professional :)  Reason 319 "I'm so glad when daddy comes home."
-played a game, Dinosaurs Roar with Gigi and Captain E.  Super fun and thank you Peach for taking a nap so I could actually do something.  I also played checkers with Captain E, but instead of playing to win or having him play to win I was really focusing on strategy.  Yes that is right, I want my kid to be a checker wiz...please no chess!
-congratulated Captain E on his 12 out of 10 spelling test.  The kid really rocks those test.  He does not get it from me.  I was so grateful to be out of grade school where you got a grade for that.  Spelling my worst subject ever.
-had the surprise of my life while Peach was on the toilet.  We put our kids on the potty fairly early.  Poop is gross and the less I have to clean off a bottom the better.  With Captain E long before he was two we just started throwing him on the toilet when we knew he was going to poop.  It made potty training a lot easier later.  With G bear we started long before she was one and by 12 months I never had to change another poop diaper again.  Peach has not been so cooperative.  When she was really young she just hated the toilet and would scream an squirm when I put her on it.  Somewhere around 13 months though she decided it was ok and would sit there a few seconds.  Then she started doing little pees and would clap her hands to let you know she was happy.  She still would not pooh on the toilet.  Today after her nap I put her on the toilet.  I let her sit there for a second and when she didn't pee I went to pull her off (understand she is balancing with my help on the big potty, I never got her to like the one her size).  She said, "No, no, no, pooh, poop."  I looked at her like she was crazy.  I mean the girl isn't even a full seventeen months yet.  I checked in the toilet, but there was nothing.  Again I went to pull her off and again she yelled, "no, no, no, poop."  So I sat for a second and then she did her dirty little business.  After that clapping and cheering abounded.  Here's hoping to more poohs in the potty, less in the pants...and also I'm so gratefully that she is getting words to communicate.  So cool!!!

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  1. awesome!! i've been slacking with maude but she sounds like peach...she gets really squirmy. she's gone poop once and pee several times. i need to just keep it up so it'll pay off later!! as for max, he refuses to go poop in the potty but i've taken the diapers away for good so it can't last *that* long, right?

    oh and ps - i would've canceled the AZ interview too! shhhh. don't tell that i'm being so negative. but really, i sincerely hope we find a great job somewhere else because i don't want to continue living here after school!! ;) oh, and yes, it is still really hot. our house is 83 right now but i refuse to turn the AC back on. ughhhh.



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