Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 25 - Alone

Today I Am Thankful For: All my good girl friends.  I've had some great friends growing up.  My first best girlfriends were my sisters.  There were four of us before any brothers arrived and growing up was a blast.  We played Barbies and tons of different make believe games.  Those early years set me up for loving the companionship of other girls.  In grade school all my girlfriends seemed to be named Tiffany or Erin.  It must have been the times.  Junior high became the era of Pamela.  Our moms made us have a slumber party.  We clicked and spent almost every weekend together.  Pamela had a friend from school named Leslie.  We had a friend Melissa from church.  The end of junior high to high school we were always together.  There was Christine, Katie, and Hillary.  There was never just one of us around.  Then college came and we went our separate ways.  Christine and Melissa went to Easter Arizona.  Hillary went to hair cutting school and then to ASU.  Pamela and Leslie started out at Arizona State University.  Katie and I both ended up at Brigham Young University although I'm pretty sure neither of us even knew the other one was applying.  We were in separate apartments and while we did hang out, my new roommates became my family.  There was Amy, Candace, Whitney, Rebbecca, and Shanna.  I don't know what happened to Becca and Shanna, but Amy and I still talk on the phone regularly.  Candace and I talk med school (she's an ER doctor) on facebook.  I keep track of Whitney through the occasional e-mail.  I went back home for a year and half while my grandmother was sick and picked up with my high school friends.  I used to sleep at Leslie's place three times a week.  We'd watch Conan and eat cheap pizzas, some of my best memories from that time.  I came back to Utah and got a new set of roommates.  Rachel, Heidi, Becca, Patty, Michelle, Noelle, Megan, and Heather, oh Heather how I loved you!  The sweetest girl I ever knew.  Thanks to blogs, facebook, and e-mails  I keep track of most of them.  Then I met Dr. J.  All of the sudden my free time was taken.  I no longer had a group of girls that my mom, my school, my housing threw me together with.  I had a best friend and he also happened to be my hubby, my lover, my companion for now and forever.  I love him and all the time we spend together but I sometimes miss the companionship of my sisters.  Luckily I now have children, my ward, and my hobbies to throw me together with other woman.  I don't spend hours talking with them on the phone, or chatting over dinner, playing barbies, or hanging out at dances talking about boys like I once did, but I get to see these ladies at relief society, at volunteer events at the schools, at the library or the pool.  I get to chat with them outside my door on warm days, at the post office, or the grocery store.  We laugh about our children, discuss how to make our budgets work, feelings of inadequacy or questions of faith.  I get joy out of serving them and joy from the service they render me.  I am thankful for my sisters, my female friends who bring so much joy to my life, help me with my children, and keep my spirits up during the rough patches, like when my husband is gone for two months :)

Today I didn't:
-clean the living room.  I'm thinking we need a clean up day on Saturday :)
-fold any laundry.  It is all washed but sitting on the kitchen table, which thankful happens to be very clean :)

Today I:
-made granola.
-made a chocolate cake with beets.  Very interesting.  I wouldn't say it was the best thing I've ever had but it certainly was interesting watching Captain E and two of his friends who are all self proclaimed veggie haters gobbling it up.
-went to my friend Linda's for dinner!  So nice to have adult company!!!  Thank you Linda!!!!

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