Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 19 Alone

Today I'm Thankful For: My daughter Gigi.  Gigi is such a fighter.  I don't mean the fact that she is in that stubborn three stage, I mean the girl honestly loves physical fights.  She's my own personal Million Dollar Baby.  Pretty much since birth her physical prowess has been amazing.  At six months she would hold herself up on the monkey bars.  She would also push herself into a standing position in the middle of the room.  One day we watched her climb on top of a bin of toys and then stand up on it.  Not an ounce of fear.  At seven months she took a step and then then two days before she turned eight  months old she put two steps together.  That week she walked across the room.  I told her dad she was walking.  He didn't believe me and I had to film it and put it up for debate on the blog.  I won, even by his admission after that.  When she was two I put her in gymnastics.  She would lead the class in dare devil stunts.  She's always been a brave girl.  In new situations she walks forward, head up.  She likes new situations and new people.  She knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to make that known.  Gigi has a great smile, and she loves a good joke.  Captain E is her best friend.  She follows him with a followers devotion.  She is a great big sister and is so loving to her baby sister.  I was raised in a family of four girls and so I can honestly say that my life would not have been complete without a daughter.  I'm so grateful for the joy G bear brings to my life.

Today I didn't:
-pick up my room...yup it is still a mess.  Luckily no one is here to see it.
-get the perfect fall picture of my kiddos.  I spent tons of time picking out cute outfits and checking the camera to make sure I had enough room on my memory card.  We drove twenty or so minute to Allerton.  When we got there I took two pictures and my camera died.  My batteries were GONE!  OH!!!!  I was so frustrated.  I managed to get a few more pictures.  I found a decent spot.  Posed all three of them and got six more shots before it died for good.  Oh the frustration.  What can you do?  We still had a good time exploring and then Captain E and I had a race.  I was ahead in the beginning but the little devil ended up beating me.  Quiet impressive considering he fell down midrace and had to start again.

Today I:
-vacuumed, because I'm still holding to that crazy belief :)
-negotiate The Great Breakfast for Dinner Treaty of 2010 between my two oldest.  I asked what they wanted for dinner.  One wanted nested eggs, the other waffles.  I asked the first can we have nested eggs tonight and waffles in the morning?  No!  I asked the second can we have waffles tonight and nested eggs in the morning?  No!  I was about to say that I was going to pick and then it hit me...french toast!  Both were happy.
-talked to my husband while he was finding sand dollars in Seaside.  I'm not going to lie, I was JEALOUS!
-watched Alice in Wonderland.  It was weird and quirky and I thought Anne Hathaway's character was a little annoying but I definitely enjoyed it.  Somewhere in Portland hubby was watching it as well on netflix.  I wonder what he thought.

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  1. Fun! I love to see your life this way. It's better than old fashioned letters. I love you sweetie!



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