Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 32 - Alone

Today I'm Thankful For: Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

Today it saved my sanity.  I was carrying my Green Smoothie out the door this morning when Gigi asked me to help her put her boots on.  She was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and when I handed her my cup and asked her to hold it while I slipped her shoes on.  I distinctly remember thinking, "Man this is a bad idea."  Almost at that exact second she sat the 16 ounces down beside her and knocked it over.  Green Smoothie went everywhere, the wall, the floor, the door, my pants, shoes, and worst of all half of the entire bottom stair.  Blueberries, ground up spinach, and banana on a tan carpet, bad combo!  Mentally I was freaking out.  I grabbed two towels and tried to wipe up as much as I could.  Then we headed out the door to school.  "What am I going to do?" I kept asking myself.  After Captain E and Gigi were safely at school Peach and I headed over to Wal-mart to check out the carpet cleaners.  After some debate I grabbed a bottle of Resolve Triple Oxi Advance.  It took over an hour, lots of Resolve, tons of water, three very used rags, and my spot cleaner to suck up all the green foam and water but I can now walk in the door without seeing a huge green splotch.  Resolve carpet cleaner is my hero.

Today I didn't:
-kill my daughter after she spilled green smoothie on the floor.
-let my kids have any Halloween candy, believe me they asked.
-do my dishes.
-actual do anything productive.

Today I:
-get spinach and berries out of my carpet.
-dropped my toys off at one week boutique's toy sale.
-spent an hour chatting with my neighbor JaNae when I went over to pick the kids up.  Poor girl had talk with a numb, sore mouth, thanks to a dentist appointment.  I was definitely grateful for the adult conversation.
-spent significant amounts of time trying to find a great deal on Band Hero.  There are none.  Looks like I'm going to have to go out Black Friday.  
-took my kids out for Pizza.  Yup I was just that lazy.  Usually we do homemade but that whole dish issue...well I'm serious about not doing them :)

Check out this picture of my mom and Nana.  I always felt visually challenged in my own family.  My nana and my mom are the two woman I love most in this world.  I know parents/grandparents either don't have favorites or don't admit to them but that didn't keep me from wanted to be the favorite.  In fact I think it is safe to say that these two woman were probably my first great loves.  Like all children I tried to pick the parts of me that matched them, my primary care givers, the ones I loved.  As a child is was deeply unsettling that I could find so few similarities.  Brown eyes to their blue.  Brown skin to their pale.  They both have brown hair but while theirs was light enough that it could easily be dyed to another color mine is dark enough that for simplicity sake many people just refer to it as black.  Curly hair to their straight.  My family has a very distinct nose, the Lucas nose.  While my nose was far from small it was more sharp, a monument to my father.  My grandmother had nice full lips, my mothers are much thinner, mine are some place in between.  They had cheek bones, my cheeks have always been round.  They both have high foreheads with high hair lines, a great place for bangs, mine forehead is narrow, my hair comes down far.  So few are our similarities that even now as an adult I have the list memorized.  My hands and feet look just like my Nana's.  My stubby eye lashes and thick calves are from my mom.  Ironically my teeth were gapped just like theirs and I got rid of that in my early teens.  But the rest of the similarities I hold around myself like a comforting blanket.  I wonder if the same will be true of my own children. 

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  1. Welp, this post was downright beautiful. I love to read your writing and you are giving me motivation to be an "alone mama" with your summations of dids and didn'ts for the day. And I didn't know we had the same hands! :)



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